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Listen Technologies & OWI Debut a Custom Product for Educational Applications

The What: Listen Technologies Corporation, provider of assistive listening products, is working closely with Carson, CA-based loudspeaker manufacturer OWI Incorporated to offer a customized Listen Technologies assistive listening system (OWI-KSTM-LT-84) compatible with the OWI self-powered speaker amplification system serving the educational market.

The What Else:
Recent changes made in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) classify classrooms as an “assembly area” where assistive listening systems are now required whenever there is a sound system that is integral to the use of the space. The customized Listen Technologies/OWI assistive listening system has been developed to serve this need. Listen and OWI worked together to develop the product, including collateral/support materials needed to easily interface the OWI-KSTM-LT-84 system with the OWI products. The OWI-KSTM-LT-84 is an IR assistive listening system designed as a budget-conscious solution to meet the needs of educators and students from kindergarten through higher ed.

Why This Matters: Cory Schaeffer, co-founder and VP of business development for Listen Technologies said, “Listen Technologies and OWI have always had a friendly relationship and help each other whenever possible, and it’s great to announce a formal partnership with them and fill a need that they have. We look forward to working with the team at OWI.”

“Cory and I have known each other for years, so when this need came up, Listen was the first and only company we thought of,” said Joe Martinez, vice president of OWI.