New Products: November 2010

New Products: November 2010

Extron Quantum Series

The Extron Quantum Series are high-resolution videowall processors that feature highly scalable input, output, and windowing capabilities, plus high performance image scaling technology. The Quantum Elite is designed for large videowalls up to 28 screens and larger, while the Quantum Connect is designed for small to medium-sized videowalls up to 14 screens. Both are card cage designs that support various combinations of 12-input video cards, dual DVI/RGB input cards, and dual DVI/RGB output cards. They can display up to 128 windows per output and feature a dedicated high-bandwidth video/graphic bus, maintaining high real-time performance even under heavy loading.

Vizio Razor LED LCD

Vizio’s 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD portable TV enables consumers to enjoy TV and entertainment from almost anywhere. With an 800x480 widescreen high resolution Razor LED panel, an integrated antenna, and a sleek design of less than one thick, users now have entertainment for anyplace with a LED highresolution picture.

AMX Smart WAP And ZoneDirector Smart WLAN Controller

AMX’s Smart Wi-Fi system includes the AMX Smart WAP and AMX ZoneDirector Smart WLAN Controller. Both utilize technology from Ruckus Wireless to produce Wi-Fi performance in commercial settings. The AMX Smart WAP is a dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n smart Wi-Fi access point that can be deployed as a standalone access point, or combined with the AMX ZoneDirector Smart WLAN Controller as part of a centrallycontrolled smart WLAN system. The new smart Wi-Fi system utilizes Ruckus BeamFlex Technology and adaptive signal steering to provide up to a four-fold improvement in signal range for reliable Wi-Fi.

Sencore MRD 3187B

The MRD 3187B adapts to many contribution, distribution, or backhaul environments. Features include SCTE-35-104 message conversion for commercial insertion applications, DVB-Common Interface for conditional access decryption, multiservice descrambling, and advanced DVB-S2 capabilities such as 16APSK and VCM support.

BrightSign HD210w And HD1010w

BrightSign’s HD210w and the HD1010w solid-state media controllers can be connected to a wireless network without having to install cabling or an adaptor. The new media players are high-definition signage solutions that include the hardware, software, and the built-in Wi- Fi tools in a small steel enclosure that can be tucked out of sight. BrightSign’s HD210w and HD1010w sign controllers both deliver simple looping playback of full HD video, images, and audio as well as Wi-Fi networking for remote content updates.

JVC DLA-VS2100U Projector

JVC’s DLA-VS2100U D-ILA projector has a new optical engine that uses three D-ILA imagers to deliver 1920x1080 native resolution and 20,000:1 native contrast ratio, which is double the contrast of JVCs current model, the DLA-VS2000U. The new projector also features a new 220W UHP lamp that delivers 1000 ANSI lumens, an increase in brightness that will provide greater brightness headroom in larger or lowefficiency systems as well as a lower cost of ownership. A key new feature is an anti-smear reduction mode, which reduces image smearing during fastmotion scenes through frame insertion or black frame insertion without sacrificing light output.

beyerdynamic Stegos Mic

The new wireless boundary microphones from beyerdynamic’s Stegos product line not only have the functionality to complement videoconferencing systems, they also optimize the technical process of speech transfer, an aspect of videoconferencing that is often undervalued. Based on the size of the room and the number of participants, up to four microphones can be employed to convert the spoken word into a high quality digital signal and transfer it to a single receiver. This transfer takes place using secure spread spectrum processing technology with additional 128-bit encryption.

Triveni GuideBuilder

The Triveni Digital GuideBuilder system provides all the tools they require to get channel and guide information to those customers with digital televisions with built in clear-QAM tuners, as well as those with basic, non-decrypting, digital set-top boxes. The system’s virtual channel map allows channel numbers to be the same for customers with or without a box, enabling operators to ensure that the transition to all-digital is seamless for subscribers. GuideBuilder also gives clear QAM customers channel branding and an Extended Program Guide. Throughout the expo, Triveni Digital will demonstrate this functionality and highlight other new features of the GuideBuilder targeted to the cable market.

Xantech Red/95, Green/85, And Blue/25 Series

Xantech’s Red/95, Green/85, and Blue/25 series IR kits are available with four receiver styles to fit practically any control application. The DL/Dinky Link surface-mount is designed for unobtrusive mounting on any TV set frame or other component, and is now available with color-change sleeves for unobtrusive mounting on black, white, or silver units. The HL/Hidden Link Designer- style receiver is a tabletop design for placement on entertainment equipment racks or components and is also available in black, white or silver. The ML/Micro Link peephole or bullet design is intended for in-wall or in-ceiling installations, and in speakers with a suitable knockout feature, and ships with brass, white, and black bezels for easy concealment.

Stewart Filmscreen Daily Dual Screen System

Stewart Filmscreen’s Daily Dual projection screen allows existing rooms to be converted to dual 2D/3D screen functionality. Users can easily select the desired screen, instantly switching the configuration from one format to the other without any need for room conversion or additional setup time. Daily Dual is ideal for applications in which both 2D and 3D are desired. The Daily Dual allows users to select the ideal image surface for each screens application, with any Stewart screen material available. A multi-purpose media room could feature a FireHawk G3 material for enhanced viewing of sporting events in daytime ambient light situations and a StudioTek 100 G3 for critical reference environment viewing of Blu-ray movies.

Crestron DigitalMedia 8G

Crestron’s DigitalMedia 8G technology delivers high speed and long distance transmission of all data, Ethernet and control, plus analog and digital AV signals. All signals and communications are managed over a single shielded Cat-5 wire or multimode fiber strand; no compression or repeaters required. DigitalMedia 8G surpasses the 1 gigabit throughput of standard ethernet networks. 8G is an AV distribution and control transport solution that delivers an eight gigabit pipeline for each input and each output. DigitalMedia 8G preserves the native video resolution and audio format of every signal, ensuring a pure, lossless signal path.

Harman HiQnet System Architect v2.2

With Harman Professional’s HiQnet System Architect software version 2.0, the user continues to draw the graphical layout of the venue in the main workspace, physically adds the devices to the rack rooms, and associate amplifiers logically with the output zones they serve. However, now they can also set up comprehensive venue monitoring. Each room in the layout is automatically overlaid with an output meter, which represents the maximum output level of the amplifier channels associated with it. Additionally, each room in the layout of the venue can be assigned alert colors to indicate the conditions of devices physically contained within rack rooms, or devices logically associated with output zones.

Epson EX-Series Projectors

Epson has introduced three multimedia projectors designed to provide businesses with image quality and convenience. The Epson EX3200, EX5200, and EX7200 offer advanced features, including USB Plug-n- Play instant setup for Windows and Mac that instantly displays images on both the projector and computer by connecting a USB cable. All three models offer 2,600 lumens of color and white light output for bright presentations and Epson’s latest, 3LCD, 3-chip technology for vibrant images.

Ashly Audio KLR Series Amplifiers

Ashly Audio’s two-channels KLR Series amps, which range from 1,000 to 2,000 watts per channel at two ohms, are designed for both professional audio and fixed performance installations. The KLR-2000, KLR-3200, and KLR-4000 are optimized to deliver high levels of sustained power, audio performance, and reliability into two, four, or eight ohm loads in bridged, stereo, or parallel mono modes.

Kramer VS-3232A

Kramer Electronics’ VS-3232A balanced stereo audio matrix switcher is a high performance 32x32 audio matrix switcher for analog balanced audio stereo signals on five-pin detachable terminal block connectors. The VS-3232A has 32 balanced stereo inputs and 32 balanced stereo outputs on five-pin detachable terminal block connectors. The input level is +/-20dB for each input, and the output volume is 0 to -100dB for each output. The VS-3232A has excellent signal-tonoise ratio and linearity performance, as well as a flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. The VS-3232A features noise free switching, zero cross detection, soft mute, and has level controls for each input and each output. Digital input sampling and routing ensures zero crosstalk and high-quality audio, to guarantee that it remains transparent in almost any audio application.

LG Electronics SuperSign

LG Electronics’ SuperSign is a suite of digital signage solutions that makes it simpler than ever to incorporate customizable and engaging digital signage in commercial environments. SuperSign Premier is an all-in-one, turnkey solution. Previewed earlier this year under the codename signNET, this digital signage solution includes a flat panel display (model M4214C) and the NC2000 media player, which provides access to content management software and starter templates as well as news and weather feeds from CNN, all available at an affordable monthly cost. Right out of the box, digital signage content can be created easily using more than 50 starter templates that are customized for numerous vertical markets.

Magenta HD-One LX

Magenta Research’s HD-One LX is an HDMI extension product that utilizes a single Cat-5/6 cable, and now sends 1080p up to 328 feet. HD-One LX is fully HDCP-compliant and capable of extending uncompressed 1080p video, audio, IR and Bi-directional RS 232 to 328 feet allowing commands and data to flow in both directions. The distance reach and use of easy to terminate UTP cable makes this product a choice for HDMI extension whether it’s a Blu-ray player, cable/set-top box or a PC with an HDMI output. Such distances are difficult to replicate using specially constructed HDMI cables, which, deteriorate image quality, are extremely difficult to terminate in the field and carry a high cost factor.

L-Acoustics EASE GLL

L-Acoustics’ GLL is now available for its WST systems, including KIVA, ARCS, KUDO, and KARA. The development now provides complete compatibility between L-Acoustics SOUNDVISION and AFMGs EASE software applications for acoustic source data, as well as for audience area. The GLL format allows quick insertion and setup of L-Acoustics WST systems in EASE 4 system design software. The library provides true line source radiation patterns, and audience area data can be shared by both applications using import/export functions. L-Acoustics systems integrators will benefit greatly from this new feature, as using EASE allows increased accuracy, taking into account the acoustics of the room and providing compatibility with projects being worked on by acoustic consultants.

Chief Thinstall Swing Arm Mounts

Chiefs Thinstall Series swing arm mounts have a slim 1.5-inch profile, extend up to 25 inches for viewing from any angle, and support as much as 125 pounds. Engineered for use with LED, LCD, and plasma TVs, the Thinstall swing arm mounts collapse to a 1.5-inch depth while offering Centris fingertip tilt. High strength, forged steel arms are utilized within the Thinstall design for extra strength and rigidity. Chiefs Centerless lateral shift feature offers up to 16 inches of post-install lateral shift, while height and leveling adjustments of up to one inch can be made after the mount is in place as well.

Analog Way Smart MatriX

Analog Way’s Smart MatriX is a new high-end scaled matrix with native hi-resolution output and equipped with four scalers. Smart MatriX is the designed for high-end installations and Houses of Worship applications requiring the display of several sources on multiple screens. Smart MatriX offers up to 12 inputs including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D. With digital processing, Smart MatriX outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to computer 2K.

Sanyo PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive Projector

Sanyo’s PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive projector produces 10,000 ANSI lumen brightness with a wide color gamut, advancing display capability for the mid to large venue presentation market. The QuaDrive engine adds a yellow color control device to the red, green and blue elements of the projector’s 3LCD system. By automatically controlling the amount of yellow light in the image, it improves color accuracy, produces a wider color gamut and enables higher brightness levels. The PLC-HF10000L is Sanyo’s first QuaDrive projector capable of Real 2K resolution, with no image compression.

SoundTools NL4 Sniffer/Sender

SoundTools, Rat Sound’s product manufacturing division, has released the NL4 Sniffer/Sender unit, based on the patented Rat Sniffer/Sender circuitry. The SoundTools NL4 Sniffer and Senders are on the fly, highly reliable, testers with remote ends used in the field to quickly determine faulty NL4 cables at various stages and locations. It allows testing for all possible faults of an NL4 cable even when the ends are located at a distance from each other. These high quality, hand crafted units built in the USA, are another step towards SoundTools, goal of creating the ultimate soundman’s toolbox.

Platinum Tools 4Mapper Coax Tester

Platinum Tools’ 4Mapper Coax Tester is a designed for troubleshooting and identifying multiple coax cables connected to televisions, monitors, security cameras, routers, and splitters. The individually identified custom remotes is intended to allow the user to track up to four connections at a time from the main cable box. Even though it is no bigger than the palm of a hand, the 4Mapper Coax Tester is loaded with functions, such as the EZ 1-button design.

Optoma 3D-XL

Optoma’s 3D-XL converter box lets 720p 3D DLP projectors play 1080p 3D Bluray discs. As with all single projector 3D systems, active 3D glasses are required. The 3D-XL converts the HDMI 1.4A signal found in 1080p 3D players and down converts it to an HDMI 1.3 signal that current 720p 3D DLP projectors those that operate at 120 Hz. can understand and display in 3D. The 3D-XL supports multiple 3D inputs, with two HDMI 1.4A inputs, one USB port and one RS232 port, and can accept common global video inputs and video formats up to 1080p.

Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 400- 3D Projector

Digital Projection International’s (DPI) active-3D enabled M-Vision Cine 400- 3D delivers 3D imagery for screens up to 12 feet wide. The compact and quiet Cine chassis, 1080p resolution, broad source connectivity and user interface make the M-Vision Cine 400-3D an optimum 3D solution for many installations. The longlife of the lamp system enables this new platform to produce 2D and 3D imagery while consuming low power and producing little heat. Installation is flexible due to the M-Vision Cine 400-3Ds compact and lightweight chassis design, and lens shift range of 30 percent horizontal and 120 percent vertical.

Tripp Lite SmartRack Line

Tripp Lite has added two new models to its line of SmartRack Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinets, the SRW18US. It provides 18U of rack space, and the SRW26US provides 26U. The Wall-Mount Cabinets are ideal for housing rack equipment in network/ wiring closets, back offices, branch offices, or other environments where floor space is limited. Both models may also be fitted with an optional Rolling Caster Kit for conversion to floor-standing units that can easily be rolled out of the way.

Perfect Path Bulk Cables

Perfect Path has enhanced its bulk cable portfolio for the custom installation market, providing installers with one-stop shopping for Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables, 12-gauge to 16-gauge speaker wire, and the Perfect Flex line of coaxial and minicoax cables. To save installers time and money, Perfect Path’s bulk cable offering combines electrical performance and lasting quality in a user-friendly package. For high performance and reliability, Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables are tested for 350 MHz and 500 MHz, respectively, while the 12-gauge and 16-gauge oxygen-free copper stranded speaker wire features shielding and stability.

Savant In-Wall iPod Control Docking Solutions

Savant Systems has introduced two docking solutions, one wired and one wireless, for the Apple iPod touch, transforming the popular device into a versatile in-wall touchpanel. Savants wired In-Wall Charging and Control Dock provides users with an exciting interface option, which when coupled with Savants Automation App, enables users to navigate and control their Savant system. The Control Dock is comprised of an in-wall docking cradle paired with a low-profile magnetically attached faceplate. The iPod touch is powered via the dock, and its touchscreen is used for navigation and control of Savant’s automation and entertainment solutions.

Symetrix Jupiter Software v1.1

Symetrix has introduced software update 1.1 to its line of Jupiter digital signal processors. Inspired by the apps paradigm of smart phones, Jupiter hardware runs pre-configured apps that are downloaded from the Symetrix website to meet the needs of any modestscale processing and routing situation. The 1.1 update heralds the arrival of Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 12 hardware, adds FIR filters along with new apps that use them, and provides users with a handful of programming and functional refinements.

DiGiCo SD Rack

DiGiCo’s SD Rack offers multiple format sample rate conversion and allows up to 448 I/O, in any combination at 96kHz, spread across multiple racks. While the SD Rack converters can operate at 192kHz, users can also select other sample rate options for specific outputs for example, MADI at 48kHz for broadcast or recording feeds, or 96kHz—meaning that the SD Rack serves as a multi-sample rate signal splitter, which even allows users to use DiGiCos next generation microphone preamps to replace the standard microphone preamps of an analog or other brand of digital console.

Soundcraft Si Compact Series Consoles

The Soundcraft Si Compact Series is a range of digital consoles with full DSP functionality built in to a small footprint chassis. The Si Compact provides up to 40 inputs to mix in three frame sizes, the smallest of which is also rack-mountable. Motorized faders with patented Soundcraft FaderGlow operate on two layers, but the main difference from similarly priced mixers is the provision of a full encoder set for all the functions on a channel, from input gain through EQ and dynamics to bus controls.

Extron FF 220T Flat Field Speaker

The Extron FF 220T is a sound field speaker for 70 volt/100 volt systems. It features Extron flat field technology, which reduces beaming of mid and high frequencies directly under the speaker, reducing the number of speakers required. In addition, the FF 220T offers a wide dispersion area of 170 degrees, providing a wide room coverage pattern, which is especially important for rooms with low ceilings. The FF 220T is designed for quick and easy installation into standard suspended tile ceilings. The process requires no pre-installation procedures necessary for the typical round speaker, such as cutting holes through ceiling tiles and mounting supporting hardware.

Black Box 1080p Video Extender

The Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LPs transmitter plugs into a USB port on a host PC or player and extends that power over a twisted-pair cable link, transmitting low-voltage power via a spare wiring pair to its receiver. With no transformers to plug in, you can reduce clutter locally at the source and remotely at the display. Plus, the Wizard Multimedia Extender LP is great for areas with few power outlets. Even at its maximum distance of 500 feet, the extender supports the transmission of full HD 1080p video on its VGA connectors.

Atlona AT-DIS7-HD Testing Monitor

Atlona’s AT-DIS7-HD 7-inch testing monitor is designed for installers and integrators looking for a simple solution to test cabling and monitor or verify audio and video settings on remotely located displays. This portable monitor recognizes any HDMI or DVI source at resolutions up to 1080p, and allows users to observe both audio and video signals in real time. The compact display has been enhanced with new features, including the ability to view signal information such as HDCP compliance, resolution, frequency, digital format, and audio information.

Hitachi HD Series 3LCD Projectors

Hitachi’s Full HD Series CP-WUX645 3LCD projector offers WUXGA resolution and a variety of features that give systems integrators ease of installation. With native WUXGA resolution, the CPWUX645 projector is designed for any application in which high-definition capability is required. It can display 1080p content and more, while offering a brightness of 4,200 ANSI Lumens. A variety of features contribute to the ease of installation of the CP-WUX645. The projectors Perfect Fit function enables precise adjustment of the projected image by providing the ability to move the four corners individually.

VMP FP-LDSB Tilt Mount

Video Mount Products FP-LDSB cross platform large flat panel mount holds most 32- to 63-inch flat panels with a maximum flat panel hole pattern of 810mm x 530mm. The FP-LDSB has an adjustable tilt of -5 degrees to +15 degrees in lockable 5-degree increments. A sectional wall plate can be integrated with multiple FP-LDSB to create a video wall, and the mount has a shallow profile of only 2.5 inches from the wall. The FP-LDSB comes in a black powder coat finish.

Clear-Com HelixNet Party-Line

Clear-Com is exhibiting its first installment of the new intercom system, HelixNet Party-line. HelixNet, a digital intercom platform based on Clear-Com’s I.V.Core Technology, offers the best mix of technical capabilities for live sound, broadcast, and other applications. On display for AES attendees will be the HelixNet Party-line System, the first set of intercom systems founded on the HelixNet Platform, comprising the HMS-4X (HelixNet Main Station) and HBP-2X (HelixNet Beltpacks).

JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controlle

JBL Professional is showcasing the MSC1 Monitor System Controller, which integrates monitor system control and tune-ability. The MSC1 includes features found in large mixing consoles to control essential monitoring functions from the mix position. The MSC1 includes JBL’s RMC Room Mode Correction Technology that tunes the monitor system to over come low frequency problems in any room.

Gefen 2x2 KVM Switcher For DisplayPort

Adding to its growing selection of computer accessories for DisplayPort systems, Gefen is introducing its new 2x2 KVM Switcher for DisplayPort. It connects any two computers using Display- Port to two displays per computer for a total of four connected displays. The selected computer is viewed on an expanded desktop, spread across two displays to increase performance and enhance productivity. Resolutions are supported up to 1080p full HD or 2560x1600 for a vivid, engaging performance.

Audio-Technica Ribbon Mics

Audio-Technica is spotlighting its first-ever ribbon microphones , the AT4080 and AT4081, two new offerings from A-T’s expanding 40 Series. Both offer smooth, warm, and natural sound with precise, articulate detail to meet the critical requirements of today’s recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement professionals.

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