JVC Unveils Four 4K Front Pros

JVC demonstrated its continued support and commitment to the front projector market by unveiling eight new front-projection models today, all of them 3D-capable. JVC is demonstrating these new models in Booth 1127 as well as the Hyatt Regency, Regency Ballroom A.

JVC has been established as a market leader in the front projection segment; holding the number-one position in unit and dollar sales in the $3,000-$10,000 range, and the number-one position in unit sales over $10,000 for its 2011 models.

For 2012 JVC continues to push technology forward by introducing four models that "display 2D HD content with full 4K precision." The new models—starting at pricing under $8,000—feature a new technology called e-Shift that can display images with 3840 x 2160 resolution from a native 2K chip.

The new projectors in the Procision Series are the DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R, and DLA-X30. The Reference Series includes the DLA-RS65, DLA-RS55, DLA-RS4800, and DLA-RS45. From the ground up, all projectors are 3D-enabled, feature a 2D to 3D converter, have a new parallax adjustment allowing the user to tailor the effect of the 3D image. Additionally, the projectors all feature a new lens memory function that stores custom focus, zoom, and horizontal and vertical lens shift positions allowing installers to set up a constant-height 4:3, 16:9, and 2:35 screen without needing to use an anamorphic lens system. Further, all models feature a LAN connection for system control and firmware and screen mode updates.

Additionally, the top models in both series feature upgrades such as THX 3D certification, feature an advanced calibration allowing 1/16th pixel shift to precisely adjust convergence via 121 adjustment points, an upgraded optical engine for improved black levels and native contrast, a seven-axis color management system, and three Xenon lamp color modes to "emulate the characteristics of high-end movie projectors."

The two flagship models, the DLA-X90R and DLA-RS65, incorporate hand-selected, hand-tested components delivering a 120,000:1 native contrast ratio.