Migrates Content, Services To the Cloud

  • has migrated all of its content and services over to the cloud, bringing to an end all physical server-based storage.
  • “Over the past few years we have been using the cloud for the provision of newly-developed features and services, but older products still relied on older technologies. It has been many months of work for us to migrate everything over to the cloud, not to mention that extremely tense moment when you ‘flip the switch’ essentially terminating the physical servers in favor of the cloud,” recalled CEO Rob Robinson. “Fortunately, when the big moment arrived and we switched everything over, nobody noticed! And that, of course is the best possible result.”
  • All online content and services are now cloud-based and replicated across three virtual servers in each of two geographical locations. “This gives us five times redundancy with seamless failover for all systems and data, and the ability to scale up instantly and, effectively, without limit at the click of a button.”
  • also uses a content delivery network (CDN), being a distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the world to deliver content to end users even faster and more seamlessly than ever.
  • “There can be no doubt that the cloud is the future. All our current operations are aligned to the strategic vision that cloud and mobile are the way ahead,” Robinson concluded, “so it is right and proper—and exciting—to cut the cord to last century’s technologies”.

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