Kramer's New SID-X2N -

Kramer's New SID-X2N

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Kramer Electronics is introducing the SID-X2N, Kramer’s HDBaseT four-in-one twisted pair transmitter, a step-in commander from the Digital Step-in Family. The unit includes four input types: computer graphics video, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. In addition, the SID-X2N includes an unbalanced stereo audio input and output. The local ‘Step-in’ switching button allows the user to take control of the main display through the main switcher.

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 SID - X2N
The SID-X2N works as a stand-alone unit together with the HDBaseT receivers (e.g. the TP-580RXR/WP-580RXR) using RS-232 commands over a twisted pair cable. Although this product can be used with any CAT cable, Kramer recommends the use of the Kramer BC−HDKat6a cable, to reach up to 130m (430ft) in normal mode, and up to 180m (590ft) in Ultra (Long Reach) mode (1080p @60Hz @24BPP).

The SID-X2N all-in-one transmitter has several features allowing for the design of a boardroom. It is compatible with both analog and digital AV signals. It features unbalanced stereo audio input and output. A single twisted pair cable carries both data and control and a local ‘Step-in’ switching button allows the user to take control of the main display, switching between inputs is available when working with a HDBaseT receiver using RS-232 commands.

The Step-In multi-format input family also includes the SID-X1N with DGKat output and the SID-X3N with HDMI output. The family’s products support any “Bring-Your-Own-Device” requirements.


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Kramer Notification/Emergency System

Kramer Electronics says its newest line of ProScale digital scaler/switchers, the VP-770, VP-771, VP-773, VP-774, VP-773AMP and VP-774AMP are all equipped with a unique built-in Mass Notification & Emergency Communication (MNEC) feature.

Kramer Scaler-Switchers From InfoComm 2015

Kramer released the VP-796 and VP-798 at InfoComm 2015, fast single-channel 4K presentation scaler-switchers. Both scaler-switchers incorporate HQUltraFast technology to switch in typically a quarter of a second.