One Systems Awarded Two U.S. Patents -

One Systems Awarded Two U.S. Patents

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One Systems, Inc., was awarded patents by the United States Patent Trademark Office for its innovative horn and driver design, “Equivalent Throat Technology” and "Inside/Only Voice Coil" design.

Both patents are the result of designs by Mike O'Neill, One Systems chief engineer.

US Patent No. 8,477,979,979 B2 includes the compression driver and horn structure used in ET and ETS horn/driver designs.

The unique aspect of the Equivalent Throat system is that the driver is capable of producing wider dispersion and beamwidth than a conventional driver because the exit radius is coincident with the phase plug summation plane. As a result, a smaller radius exit will produce a wider dispersion.

"Prior art for large format drivers/large exit diameters required either limited bandwidth or diffraction slots to achieve the desired 'low Q' response," explained O'Neill. "When this technology is incorporated into One Systems products, they maintain excellent time domain response over a wide frequency range."

US Patent No. 8,542,865 B2 includes the voice coil design utilized with the ET and ETS horn/driver designs. The Inside/Only design dissipates heat continuously in any voice coil position, minimizes voice coil "rubs" as a source of reliability problems and minimizes power compression.

"The Inside/Only voice coil design ensures that our direct radiator designs provide high output and intelligibility from a very compact enclosure," O'Neill said. "Both of these technologies are at the heart of One System's design philosophy and allow us to continue to be technology leaders in the industry."

One Systems president, Doug MacCallum said: “We continue to provide unique solutions for systems contractors, consultants and designers for applications all over the world.”


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