DSE Conference and Education Track

  • by David Keene
  • Digital Signage Expo (DSE), set to open with pre-show conference tracks on February 23, is geared up for its largest selection ever of conference, education, and training offerings, for professionals needing an introduction to the industry, and for those wanting in-depth expert-level instruction.
  • DSE is offering a total of fourth hour-long seminars presented in eight Tracks including the Communications-based and Advertising-based Digital Out-of-Home Networks Tracks; the Brands & Advertising Track, designed specifically for National Marketing and Advertising Agency Professionals; and the Content University and Technology Tracks. In addition, the Lunch & Learn Program offers forty-nine special small-group educational opportunities focused on digital out-of-home venues, plus 20 free workshops during the two-day conference, as well as a full day of pre-conference educational activities on Tuesday, February 23rd. Pre-Conference includes the DOOH Advertising Summit, the Digital Signage Certification Program (from DSEG), SPEED Digital Signage Training, and tech tours in the Live Guided Installation Tour.
  • To help systems integrators, installation companies, and design consultants more fully address hardware and software challenges in the digital signage market, the “Tech Track” at DSE is offering five separate sessions covering the latest developments and trends in digital signage

Seminar 7: “Inviting telecom: mobile, satellite, & cable providers and others into the DS marketplace. How big can it get?”

Seminar 15 - Advanced Installation Overview: Overcoming Connectivity & Delivery Challenges… Addressing the challenges of connecting disparate resolution devices, scaling, routing, sorting out IP/Twisted Pair/Cat 5 and other protocols is the place where your digital signage installation will succeed or fail.

Seminar 23: “The Future of Wireless Networking for Digital Signage. Wireless solutions offer both video extension and video splitting capability on site, and/or complete delivery of content from remote locations via cellular carrier or other non-IP based transmission… wireless can be a tool to help you to mitigate cost overrun risks.

Seminar 31: Advanced Digital Display Technology & Its Applications. This session will offer an in-depth analysis of the relative benefits of different display technologies, concentrating on commercial grade LCD and plasma panels, as well as offering an assessment of commercial vs. consumer grade panels… and a look at new technologies.

Seminar 39: Content Management Software Demystified: A Real-world Roundtable on Functionalities, Needs, Options and Approaches". This seminar will focus on one of the primary differences between the two main digital signage content management software camps: whether their software is a customer-installed solution that runs mainly on “premise-based” servers, or is a “hosted” software as a service (SaaS) that the end user does not “buy” but accesses remotely through a Web browser. As there is no right or wrong choice, this seminar will attempt to describe a “real world” approach that will help digital signage operators make the best choice based on their unique requirements, including system goals, budget.

To register for DSE, including the conference/education/training tracks: www.digitalsignageexpo.net

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.