Media Players, Explained: May 30 Webinar -

Media Players, Explained: May 30 Webinar

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We’ve written about Media Players quite a bit, but in the May 30webinar, you’ll get the perspective of a company that sells them — not one brand or line, but a variety of offerings. So you’ll get a rare chance to hear from experts on how to sort ‘em out.

Find out why we need them all on May 30, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, for an interactive webcast that will cover the following:

• Benefits and differences in consumer grade players versus embedded solutions
• Why leveraging a large eco system of suppliers makes your job easier
• How Microsoft Windows Embedded ensures for quicker and more secure signage deployments
• Quick update from Intel on OPS, the role and significance they see being played by integrated solutions moving forward to help address the historical fragmentation of the DS market

Join Digital Signage Magazine and Arrow Electronics, on May 30 for this free webinar. Register here.


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Scott Silverstein 

Corporate Supplier Manager

Arrow Electronics

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John Coyne 
Sr. Partner Technology Manager

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Ravi Sirigineedi

North America Visual Retail Marketing Manager

Intel Retail Solutions

Lenny Bates 

Senior Solutions Architect

Arrow Electronics


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Beyond the Media Player

In tomorrow’s Webinar, digital signage providers, including systems designers, equipment manufacturers, and software providers, will get a glimpse of where a lot of the “Media Player” functions of digital signage systems are heading. And you’ll get a chance to ask questions to top Intel, Microsoft, and Arrow Electronics execs.