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K&M Celebrates 65 Years with Product Launches

K&M Celebrates 65 Years with Product Launches

König & Meyer has celebrated its 65th anniversary with the simultaneous launch of several new products. König & Meyer has been a family owned company since its inception in 1949 and has been raising the bar for innovative design, durability, and environmental stewardship for sixty-five years.

K&M equipment stand

Headed by Gabriela König, K&M’s philosophy is to manufacture high quality, durable products in an environmentally friendly manner, so that musicians worldwide can concentrate on what’s essential: the music.

As one of the world’s leading providers of stands and accessories for instruments, speakers, microphones and more, König & Meyer is constantly challenged to develop innovative solutions to fulfil their customer’s needs and wishes. About 270 employees in Wertheim, Germany work together to fulfil this promise.

Precision Engineering
From research and development to the manufacturing line, precision is the ultimate key to quality. K&M produces their own tools and equipment to guarantee new products will have the quality they envision and constantly re-invest in specialized machinery to create precise and exceptional products. Their technologically advanced tube and flat laser cutting machines allows them to perfect even the smallest detail on their products.


From the invention of the in-bell stand to the creation of the industry standard "21090" microphone stand to the development of the self-expanding mandrel to solve the wobble of stand-mounted speakers, K&M is driven by perfection and the desire to stay ahead of the curve. K&M continually creates new products based on state-of-the-art computer technology, short development times, and the very best quality. Customer feedback and industry needs are constantly in the forefront of their designing process.

K&M has been a genuinely eco-friendly company for decades and prides themselves on their eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainable management. Preventing waste, conserving water and reducing emissions whenever possible, environmental protection has been a fundamental focal point of theirs for decades (certified ISO 14001 since 2000) and they continue to review and develop strategies to minimize their impact on the environment. As one example. they have reduced water consumption by 94% since 1979—and even turn the waste water into drinking quality water at the end of the process!

And not only are the products the most long-lasting on the market… they also have a 10 years replacement parts program - which means they rarely end up as landfill!

Along with optimal delivery capacity and exceptional quality products, K&M offers their customers additional services that go above and beyond. A 5 year warranty on all products and a 10 year replacement parts program make it easy for customers to choose in favor of K&M. They also offer extensive product information, videos and set up instructions on their website.

K&M Wall Mount

Wall Mounts

This universal speaker wall mount has adjustments for both angle and direction while keeping the speaker close to the wall. Equipped for loud speakers with both vertical and horizontal drill holes with a maximum capacity up to 33 lbs. This wall mount features a 110° swivel and a 2.55” wall clearance. Available in black or white.

Table Microphone Stands

Steel structure and rounded out triangle form base holds microphone reliably and securely in place. Circular rubber insert ring filters foot step and reduces transmission of unwanted sounds. The new standard for style and performance, K&M stands are made in Germany with the highest quality materials & engineering - resulting in maximum durability and functionality.

Quick Release Adapter

The pro-quality microphone adapter is made of two components. The lower section is screwed into the mic stand thread and ensures secure and flexible hold. The upper section is used to click mics or accessories into place with quick release adapter. Made of high quality black anodized aluminum with a thread adaptor included for 3/8- 5/8” threading.

iPad Air Stands

Available as clamp-on, mic stand mount, table top stand, wall mount, and microphone combo, the stand can be switched between vertical and horizontal and secured in any position throughout 90° range. Clips effortlessly in and out of the holder. Also available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation iPads and iPad mini.

Equipment Stand

Versatile stand fits mixers, monitors, keyboards, amplifiers and more. Steel construction provides an extremely stable stand to fit all of your equipment. Support arms can be adjusted between 26” and 36” heights with the help of user-friendly clamp screws. Folds up compactly for travel and storage. Max load capacity of 110 pounds.

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