Stealth Acoustics' New Outdoor StingRays -

Stealth Acoustics' New Outdoor StingRays

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As someone who works in both the residential and the commercial aspects of the AV business, I'm quite used to working with a wide variety of outdoor speakers and other fun stuff. So as I was walking the floor, I was a little surprised to see Stealth Acoustics exhibiting at InfoComm2013.

Now, we know Stealth from the resi world and have loved their invisible installed speakers for years. So imagine my surprise to not only see them here, but to see them with a tall, water-filled chamber and talking about an outdoor speaker. Of course I was a little interested and took a closer look.

Stealth has taken their highly successful LR8 invisible speaker and integrated it into the completely environmentally sealed cabinet. It can operate in all weather, even operating down to 0 degrees F. As per the usual, you can paint the cabinet to you favorite color. But more importantly, you can skin the face of the speaker with any printed design or texture you prefer, which will allow this speaker to completely disappear in to the surrounding materials or environment.

Having heard this speaker, it's deceivingly powerful and had some great range. This is the perfect product for your next install. Take a look at the video to see the StingRay in it's natural underwater environment!


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