ISP Technologies Goes Back to School

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ISP Technologies has partnered with the new Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) music college. DIME is a new music college set in downtown Detroit and founded by music industry veterans Kevin Nixon, Sarah Clayman, and Bruce Dickinson. The unique school will offer advanced music students a college-style experience in contemporary music, with expert musicians and industry professionals teaching courses in guitar, bass, vocals, drums, songwriting, and music entrepreneurship. Prospective students can pursue a bachelor’s degree or diploma in Creative Music Performance, or sign up for part-time and summer music education programs.

ISP Technologies will be part of DIME’s grand opening event, which will include a concert played in the lower level performance space. The bands performing will be playing through an ISP ground stackable High Definition Line Array System that has been loaned to the school for their opening. The top boxes will consist of four, two per side, of the HDL 3112 line array boxes. These true three way boxes offer high fidelity and stunning mid-range clarity and dynamics. Paired with the ISP XMAX218 subwoofers, which have been carefully designed to provide an extraordinary level of performance both in terms of SPL output and low frequency extension, this system will give the bands enough power to bring the house down! DIME will also be obtaining a pair of High Definition Monitors to use in the same space for everyday use. The HDM210’s that DIME has chosen are perfect for a high output, high resolution, compact three-way system that can be used without a digital processor. These versatile boxes can also be used as top boxes, floor wedges or as a ground stack system.

Guitarists will also have some serious fun with the 300 watt Theta Head that DIME have on hand. The Theta offers a unique approach to the guitar amplifier, providing two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers. The Theta Head is also the first amplifier to incorporate “Dynamic Saturation Modulation” and has two Decimator Noise Reduction Channels built in.

ISP Technologies proudly designs and builds their pro audio and guitar gear in Michigan. “While we have national and international contractors and dealers, it is always special when we can be involved in Michigan ventures. Michigan businesses need to support each other,” said ISP CEO Buck Waller. 


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