GefenTV Ethernet Over PLC Extender Offers Ethernet Distribution -

GefenTV Ethernet Over PLC Extender Offers Ethernet Distribution

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS--Gefen's Ethernet over PLC Extender offers consumers a convenient method of Ethernet distribution. Users can access the Internet from any room without rewiring or running new cables. Instead, they simply tap into their existing, in-wall power line cables to extend up to four Ethernet connections throughout their office. A DSL, cable or satellite Ethernet signal is distributed throughout an office using small sender and receiver units equipped with Ethernet RJ-45 ports that transmit data up to 200 Mbps. The ability to utilize the power lines in the walls of an office to access the Internet saves money on cabling costs while improving the installation process. The PCL Extender is available for $199.00. Visit


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The Tao of POE: Trends in Power over Ethernet

If I told you that you could run a variety of networking, audiovisual and computing devices throughout your facility without clunky plug-in power adapters here and there, there’s a good chance you’d probably say that I was a hopeless dreamer or ready to be institutionalized.

The Rise of Distributed Audio-Over-Ip Networking

The Rise of Distributed Audio-Over-Ip Networking 5.18.2010   This article will describe how distributed audio-over-IP technology makes it possible to cost effectively move from multiple, isolated audio signals to a single, connected system over a single Ethernet network.. Please click here t

StarTech Debuts HDMI Over IP and VGA Over IP Extenders

StarTech has released two new Video over IP Extenders—the IPUSB2VGA VGA over IP Extender and the IPUSB2HD2 HDMI over IP Extender, which enable users to extend video and the accompanying audio signals from a PC to remote locations over an IP-based network connection.

HDMI Distribution and Extension

HDMI Distribution and Extension Over CAT-5 Cable

The new rack-mountable Gefen 1:5 Splitter for HDMI over CAT-5 performs two functions, allowing any HDMI source signal to be split and delivered to five displays simultaneously. It can also extend four displays up to 45 meters (150 feet) over CAT-5 cables. At this distance, 1080p full HD is delivered instantly using th

PESA Extender Transports HDMI 1.2 over Single Coax

PESA has introduced its PRO-HDMI-BNC extenders for transporting HDMI 1.2 over a single coax cable. As part of the new PESA PRO product line, the PRO-HDMI-BNC is the perfect solution for those who need to extend HDMI signals long distance over coax. These extenders enable users to easily connect HDMI sources such as Bl