Caltron's Multi-Zone Network Digital Signage Player

Caltron's Multi-Zone Network Digital Signage Player
  • The What: Caltron's MP-1080N, HD network digital signage player with zoning offers digital sign in a compact network-capable package with complimentary online management software. Traditional PC Digital Signage solution requires a dedicated PC for each display. This solution is not only more expensive but also more cumbersome. Now instead of the traditional CAT software used, the MP-1080N uses iCAT3 for all scheduling, programming and playlists.

MP-1080N HD Multi-Zone Network Digital Signage Media PlayerThe What Else: iCAT3 also offers the ability to create zones on the display, since the MP-1080N has that feature available. The player can display a full screen image or video or be broken up to 4 possible zones and allow a background in case there is space that is not used by the adjustable zones, so there is no blank space in the background. Also available is a scrolling ticker or RSS feed option along with a date and time function that can be placed anywhere on the screen and a top banner in case a static advertisement is wanted.

Why This Matters: Designing and managing content with the simple iCAT3 software is functional. The iCAT3 software provides all of the necessary tools to properly create playlists and schedules as well as manage content all online. Each account will have a unique login and password for user security. The iCAT3 software is a drag-n-drop type of application that help user’s create single day playlists to multi day playlists. With a simple resizable zoning feature to create multi-zone content, a screen display with one single image/video can be displayed or there can be multiple zones, if necessary. This software also allows for music to be played in the background, if images are being displayed. As soon as the schedules and playlists are completed, the MP-1080N is ready to receive the playlists. iCAT3’s software also allows for a live RSS feed or a simple scrolling text to include more vital information. A date/time and weather feature can also be added for more information.

The MP-1080N is much like its predessor, the MP-02A video playback system, but now with HD and zoning options offers digital signage capabilities that can display content and stream TV media in a compact network-capable package.

Some applications require multiple zones for display and the MP-1080N Network MPEG playback system can store and load HD-quality audio and video (MPEG1/2/4, MP3, JPEG) from an internal drive that comes with up to 4 GB storage or Compact Flash cards up to 32GB, perfect for broadcasting solutions.

MP-1080N Network Signage Player Quick Facts:

•Recommended codec is divx or xvid at less than 5 mbps video bit rate

•1920 x 1080 resolution output video and picture

•Web-based management software

•Supports MPEG1 (.mpg, .dat) - MPEG2 (.mpg, .avi) - MPEG4 SP, ASP (.avi, .asf, .divx) video

•Text-based playlist commands to schedule media content playback

Standard Features

•Playlist creator to schedule media files or separate playlists

•Windows based Client Administration Tool for XP and Vista operating systems

•Multiple output display options including component and VGA

•Displays JPEG/motion, JPEG, MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4(AVI), for retail TV and video advertising

•Mounting flange for secured mount

•24/7 schedule playback ability

Included in the package:

•Remote Control

•+12V power adapter and cords

•Video and audio cables(no s-video)

•MP-1080N Network Signage Player

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