Amina Intros APU-R

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Amina Technologies (Booth 5773) is launching the APU-R 8-channel rackmount filter protection unit. Amina has improved the AIWX Invisible Loudspeaker Series to make installation of Amina loudspeaker systems in large commercial and residential installations easier for AV professionals and systems integrators.


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Fulcrum Intros Portable Product Series

Fulcrum Acoustic has released 6 new products as part the new FA Portable product series. This new series is the third product family launched by Fulcrum.   The FA Portable product series. "As customers have become familiar with our technology, we have r

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Altinex Intros New Transmitter Receiver

Brea, CA-- Altinex has introduced the TP115-352 Transmitter and Receiver.   Upon receiving the HDMI output from a source device such as a Blu-ray Disc player, the new Altinex TP115-352 converts the HDMI video and audio signals into a digital format for transmission over the CAT-6 cable. At t

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Community Offers R.5 Speakers in New Colors

  The R.5 weather-resistant loudspeakers are now available in black and white finishes. Chester, PA-- Community Professional Loudspeakers is now offering its R.5 weather-resistant loudspeakers in both standard black and white finishes.   All R.5 models, including the short throw,