QVS HDMI Cat-5e Wallplate

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QVS is pleased to introduce HDMI Cat-5e Wallplate Active Extender Kit with IR Control that transmits audio and video with HDCP up to 60 meters at 1080i and 30 meters (131ft) at 1080p 60Hz. Built in Infra-Red allows you to control the device remotely, auto-skew for optimal signal boost and interference reduction, and single end power provides installation flexibility.

It offers simple and inexpensive solution for extending audio and video signal over long distance. It is ideal for digital signage, home theater, classroom, dental station monitor or projector application. Kit includes transmitter & receiver, IR transmitter & receiver, and power adaptor.


QVS Introduces HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit

The HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit with Broadcast and IR Control extends HDMI signal up to 400 meters away from HDMI source using single Cat-5e/RJ45 cable. It supports DVI-D using a HDMI to DVI adaptor, providing greater flexibility in integrating several home theater components. Hundreds of HD dis

HDMI Distribution and Extension

HDMI Distribution and Extension Over CAT-5 Cable

The new rack-mountable Gefen 1:5 Splitter for HDMI over CAT-5 performs two functions, allowing any HDMI source signal to be split and delivered to five displays simultaneously. It can also extend four displays up to 45 meters (150 feet) over CAT-5 cables. At this distance, 1080p full HD is delivered instantly using th

Hall Adds HDMI Extension to Mini-Cat

Hall Research has added HDMI extension to its Mini-Cat brand with HDBase T-Lite Technology. As the latest addition to the Mini-Cat brand video extension product line, the UH-1BT extends HDMI or DVI video signals to 230 feet (70m) on a single Cat6 cable. The unit transmits video and embedded audio without any comp