CMM’s Retail TV Network Targets Southern California’s Hispanic Consumers

Studies from Meyers Research Center show that consumers make about 70 percent of their brand decisions once they are in-store, opening a window for grocers and manufacturers to target shoppers as they make their way through the aisles. Digital displays are a viable way to reach the right consumers in multiple areas of a supermarket, allowing specific products and brands to stand out on the crowded shelves of today’s grocery stores.

To help Southern California supermarkets take advantage of this technology, Scala partner Captive Media Marketing (CMM) has developed CMM.LATV, a retail TV network catering to Hispanic shoppers. It allows manufacturers and retailers of all sizes to target a key consumer group in the region. With seven completed installations, CMM.LATV already reaches more than one million Hispanic grocery shoppers monthly.

The retail TV network gives smaller manufacturers that are typically priced out of traditional advertising a chance to reach potential customers at a critical point in the buying process. At the same time, larger manufacturers can capitalize on their existing brand awareness to highlight individual products or in-store promotions.

Other local retailers and service providers also have taken advantage of the opportunity to reach shoppers while they are in the area by advertising on CMM.LATV in supermarkets located within a three mile radius of their storefronts.

CMM is currently under contract to install screens in more than 40 participating supermarkets, and it expects that the network will reach an audience of more than 12 million shoppers by 2010.

“We’ve identified a specific segment and uncovered the unique needs that should be addressed when reaching the Hispanic community,” said Jerry Huffman, President of CMM. “By keeping advertising rates reasonable, using proven communication techniques for the Hispanic market and focusing on advertisers that stand to benefit the most from our network, we see a win-win situation for grocers and manufacturers alike.”

CMM uses Scala software to power the multi-channel, multi-language network needed to communicate relevant messages to the Hispanic supermarket audience. With Scala, CMM can offer advertisers the flexibility to place content on individual screens in specific stores or reach wider audiences through the entire network. In addition to advertisements, human interest programming also plays on the network, and content is available in both Spanish and English.

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