InfoComm15 Projection Screen Walking Tour

InfoComm15 Projection Screen Walking Tour

Da-Lite, Booth 2501

Parallax is the latest family of surfaces from Da-Lite, and features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. Parallax UST 0.45 is the latest addition to the Parallax family. Designed for ultra short-throw projection, Parallax UST 0.45 allows the projector to be placed below the screen, while blocking light from above. This new technology mimics the look of a television, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures. Parallax is made up of multiple layers to achieve its light-blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Special film layers block and absorb ambient light and improve contrast. A diffuser layer works to maximize half angles up to +/- 85 degrees, while a black layer helps with contrast and color reproduction. A protective low-gloss top coating provides protection and reduces glare. The fixed frame screen is a flexible surface with an easy-to-assemble frame.

  • Draper, Booth 3413

Optically Seamless TecVision screens are now available up to 23 feet high and 69 feet wide. When Draper introduced the TecVision line, the company limited the sizes to 15 feet in viewing height because 15 feet was the largest it could provide without traditional seams. Draper then leveraged its seaming expertise along with its TecVision technology to come up with a way to make larger surfaces.

Instead of using traditional seams, or taking the very expensive approach of having a seamless substrate, Draper decided to fuse a base substrate, which resulted in a flatter base material with a stronger weld. With the ideal substrate perfected, Draper could then use its TecVision formulation process to create an optically seamless viewing surface.

dnp, Booth 3433

dnp is launching a range of optical flat screens for use in meeting rooms and small classrooms. With an attractive size-cost-quality profile, the new screens represent an important step in the evolution of this category. They meet the users’ demands for larger display sizes (100 inches) while remaining affordable for companies, educational institutions and homeowners. dnp’s new optical flat screens are based on optical screen technology and powered by a laser projector mounted over the screen that shoots down from a steep angle. The flat screen market has been evolving steadily in recent years, and with its new offer, dnp addresses a clear market need for plug-and-play display systems in large sizes.

Screen Innovations, Booth 4259

The new, black Slate 0.8 gain screen (along with Slate 1.2 gain) features SI’s largest, most versatile ambient-light-rejecting screen technology to date, and is available in sizes of up to 250 inches (diagonal) in Zero Edge FLEX, Fixed, and Motorized screen formats. Made in the USA, Slate was invented in 2013 as an affordable alternative to the company's award-winning Black Diamond screen technology. Slate delivers stunning images and a fully immersive entertainment experience by rejecting 65 percent of a room’s ambient light, versus a white or grey screen’s rejection of less than 10 percent. Slate is made from a flexible, multiparticle optic material that delivers a 55 percent increase in contrast over its nearest competitor, and is designed to blend with the décor of any environment.

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