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1080p Video Extender for VGA over CAT5

  • Black Box has introduced a USB-line powered, CATx-based VGA extender kit. The Wizard Multimedia Extender LP’s transmitter plugs into a USB port on a host PC or player and extends that power over a twisted-pair cable link, transmitting low-voltage power via a spare wiring pair to its receiver.
  • With no bulky transformers to plug in, users can reduce clutter locally at the source and remotely at the display. Plus, the Wizard Multimedia Extender LP is great for areas with few power outlets.
  • Even at its maximum distance of 500 feet (152.4 m), the extender supports the transmission of Full HD 1080p video on its VGA connectors. In addition, it features adjustable skew compensation and supports advanced Display Data Channel (DDC) protocols via standard stored settings or by emulation, so you can ensure crisp, sharp video display.
  • To learn more, call 800-355-8003 or visit