New Products January 2009

New Products January 2009

Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise

Extron Electronics’ GlobalViewer Enterprise is a new serverbased software for managing and supporting larger AV installations using a Web browser. It provides an easy upgrade path for existing users of Extron’s free GlobalViewer Web application using configuration wizards, not programming. Compatible with any Web browser, GlobalViewer Enterprise provides enhanced help desk functionality, enterprise-wide global scheduling and monitoring, time-stamped AV system data collection for reporting, and also supports integration of rooms controlled by other programmable control systems, such as AMX and Crestron. The interface offers a view of the entire enterprise in a single window and access to detailed room data with just a click of a mouse.Premier Mounts Motorized Lift Systems

Premier Mounts has expanded its mount portfolio to include motorized lift systems for flat-panel displays. The use of motorized lifts has become standard in luxury home living rooms, bedrooms and boardrooms. Insert into an existing or customized cabinet, the mount enables homeowners and businesses to hide or conceal their flat-panel TVs at the touch of a button. Both systems have a maximum extension of 71 inches.Da-Lite Screen RF Presentation Remote

Da-Lite Screen Company’s RF presentation remote features page-up/page-down functions and an extremely visible green laser pointer. This unit is perfect for training, classrooms, or conferences. There is no interference with nearby or multiple units because the remote pairs directly with the included USB receiver. The unit ships complete with protective case and batteries.MultiDyne LiGHTBoX LB-1430

MultiDyne is addressing the need for fiber transport in applications where battery- powered equipment is required with the introduction of its LiGHTBoX LB- 1430 fiber optic field transport system. The new larger LiGHTBoX LB-1430 is fully customizable offering virtually any signal configuration and can be linked via a single fiber to most of the MultiDyne fiber optic transport product line. Now just about every MultiDyne product can be packaged in a LiGHTBoX. The new platform offers endless possibilities and configurations.Crestron TPS-17-G

Crestron’s new 17-inch Isys TPS-17G-QM expands its line of HD touchpanels. Joining the TPS-12G and TPS-15G, this latest touchpanel provides a larger 16:9 display to view full screen HDTV and high-resolution WXGA images. The Isys G-Series touchpanels deliver high-performance graphic capabilities with dual-window computer and HD video display. In addition to QuickMedia connectivity, use the QM-TX transmitter to connect conventional AV sources and PCs. The QM-TX provides the additional benefit of transmitting all signals up to 450 feet on a single cable. Native Touch-the- PC remote touchscreen navigation enables integration with an external PC, allowing access to all your favorite applications, media players, and web browsers.Elite Screens EZ-Cinema Projection Screen

Elite Screens’ EZ-Cinema Floor Pull-Up Projection Screen is a lightweight, portable screen that is easily carried and sets up quickly for any rental and staging or portable educational or business applications. The screen is easily pulled up out of its metal casing and put into place with adjustable dual boom telescoping supports for versatile height settings that can be used in variable space requirements. It then descends just as easily and packed away in seconds. Elite’s EZ-Cinema line of projection screens feature a flame-retardant matte white screen that is durable and easy to clean.Kramer VP-411DS Switcher

Kramer Electronics’ VP-411DS computer graphics video automatic standby switcher is ideal for any presentation room, board room, training room or classroom application with passive wall plate or desk mounted inputs. The Kramer VP-411DS is a high performance 4x1 automatic standby switcher for computer graphics video signals with resolutions from VGA through UXGA on 15-pin HD connectors and stereo audio signals on 3.5mm connectors. Also, input 1 for both computer graphics video and audio inputs has a corresponding looping output. The VP-411DS can be configured to operate in the automatic standby switching mode via a set of dipswitches on the rear panel.Intelix DIGI-HDMI-IR Extender

Intelix’s DIGI-HDMI-IR is a professional-grade twisted pair extender which distributes HDMI and IR signals up to 150 feet. The Intelix DIGI-HDMI-IR provides guaranteed extension of HDMI and IR signals up to 150 feet over standard Cat-5e or Cat-6. The unit supports standard HDTV resolutions, and is HDMI 1.3, 1080p, and HDCP compliant. In addition, the DIGI-HDMI-IR features ESD protection, thereby safeguarding expensive source and destination equipment, and diagnostic LEDs on both the send and receive units. The system is powered on the destination side.Tannoy QFlex

Tannoy’s QFlex defines a new set of performance benchmarks including class-leading steering capability, and control over the widest possible bandwidth, delivering unheralded intelligibility and musical fidelity in even the most acoustically imposing spaces. QFlex uses multiple channels of advanced amplification and DSP to produce beams of acoustic energy, which are directed on user defined target areas. With this ability to focus acoustical output in target areas where needed, comes better speech intelligibility in highly reverberant spaces, effectively increasing the hall radius beyond which reverberant sound becomes dominant.Vivitek HC7500A Projector

Vivitek’s HC7500A projector blasts in full 700-lumen brightness, with a precise imaging 35000:1 contrast ratio. With full HD resolution and wide-screen capabilities, Vivitek’s new projector is a complete cinema experience. The unit is a new curved design with centered lens for easy installation and screen adjustments. With a footprint the size of a small laptop, the new projector is perfect for out-of-site mounting or cabinet storage. The projector also has a full slate of low-energy and low-power consumption features, which also translate into low cost of ownership starting with the lamp-free, LED light source estimated at more than 20,000 hours.Centronics HD Flex HDMI Cables

Centronics’ new EHD-branded HD FLEX 90 degree pivoting head HDMI cables. The HD FLEX 6-foot, 12-foot, and 24-foot length cables are HDMI 1.3 certified and HDCP compliant. They include an adaptable 90-degree head for easier overall installation in hard to reach or tight spaces.Altinex CP451-008 Wireless Touchscreen Controller

Altinex’s CP451-008 Wireless Touchscreen Controller runs an embedded Windows XP operating system and accurately senses touch from a finger, stylus, pen, pencil, gloved finger, or other tool‚ making it an ideal solution for a myriad of PC-based control systems. Small, lightweight, and powerful, the CP451-008 can easily be carried from room to room and used to control several devices on one or more wireless networks. As a device capable of running on battery power, the CP451-008 is an ideal unit for controlling devices over a WLAN.Visix AxisTV

Visix’s AxisTV visual communications software supports Adobe Flash interactivity and charting as of version 7.0.12 on all platforms. AxisTV users will find interactivity useful in wayfinding or directional applications, and in charting real- time data as dynamic visualizations. The software does not provide Flash creation tools, but supports playback and database connectivity of user-created campaigns. The new charting capabilities allow clients to insert a Flash file into a playlist with other content pieces and connect to a database that can dynamically change animated elements during playback.Extron Matrix Switcher

  • Extron Electronics’ MPX Plus 866 A ProDSP Media Presentation Matrix Switcher is a multi-format matrix switcher with integrated audio digital signal processing. The MPX Plus 866 A is the first matrix switcher to combine VGA, video, and audio signal routing with ProDSP, an audio processing platform based on a 32/64- bit floating point DSP engine. ProDSP offers an extensive selection of audio DSP tools designed to facilitate audio system design, configuration, and commissioning. ProDSP is configured and managed through Extron’s DSP Configurator Software.

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