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Dallas Roadshow, Rental Software Summit This Week

It’s Lock and Load, in Dallas. Registration is still open for the unique “double header” in Dallas this week.

On Tuesday, November 15, NewBay Media and The Stimson Group will host an exposition of Rental Management software and SaaS (software as a service) providers, in Dallas (register here). A good number of rental & staging industry professionals have signed up to attend the Rental Staging Software Summit in Dallas next month, but registration is still open.

And the following day, Nov. 16, the InfoComm/NewBay Media Rental & Staging Roadshow will also take place in Dallas. The Roadshow is the place for the event production industry to get together, network, and share information. To learn from industry experts and visit the exhibits and meet representatives from a wide variety of rental/staging gear suppliers.

Both events will be held at the Dallas Market Center, 2100 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX.

As Tom Stimson comments, “In the time-sensitive business of Rental & Staging, poor planning leads to expensive mistakes. Good planning involves high levels of internal communication and information sharing. Rental management software offers these solutions.”

Tom points out that in his consulting business he has worked with companies that spend as much as ten percent of their revenue on unnecessary expenses. These and many other wasteful practices can be avoided if the rental or staging company has a good management software system in place. The question is, of all the offerings out there, how do you know which one is right for your company? Being a hardware-intensive industry, evaluating software can be very frustrating. When looking at new projectors, switchers, rigging, etc, we’re very used to looking at spec sheets, and working from in-the-field experience to figure out what piece of gear we need. But software is software – and it’s easy for the providers to promise that their package does everything.

And if you think you’re kind of married to one package already, how do you evaluate the pros of cons of switching. How do you figure out how to get the most out of your system?

Answering these kinds of questions is what the November Software Summit in Dallas will be all about. This is indeed a first-ever event for our industry and it will go a long way to establishing Best Practices for Software for this industry.

Join your colleagues at the Software Summit in Dallas, TX on Tuesday November 15 and then on November 16 you can attend the Rental & Staging Roadshow and see audiovisual hardware from top providers, attend both tech track and business/management seminars, and spend more time networking with the best people in the business. Register for both events at:

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