Magnolia Audio Video Selects Panamax/Furman as Provider

  • PETALUMA, CA--Panamax/Furman announced that an expanded assortment of the company's power management products are now available through Magnolia Audio Video, a high-end electronics entertainment retailer. Magnolia's offering now includes a wider variety of Panamax/Furman power management systems, surge protectors, and In-Wall products. The move offers Magnolia's customers greater access to the most advanced power management technologies available for the protection and enhanced performance of AV components, while offering Panamax/Furman increased exposure to consumers.
  • Magnolia Audio Video offers premium audio, video, and home theater equipment to its discriminating customers. With over 50 years of AV experience, the company holds the distinction of being the most award-winning electronic entertainment retailer in the industry.
  • "Panamax/Furman is one of the earliest industry pioneers in advanced power filtration and protection, and we are pleased to be offering an even greater selection of their award-winning solutions to our customers," said Carey Poynter, director of merchandising at Magnolia Audio Video. "Panamax/Furman has always focused on engineering, which results in a superior product. For our customers, this translates into optimal performance from components for an enhanced A/V experience. And with more products, we are better equipped to offer a solution that fits any customer need."