JR Clancy Promotes Rigging Safety

  • JR Clancy has always promoted the belief that rigging safety requires constant vigilance. In their over 120 year history they have made safety a priority from design innovation through manufacturing and installation, but they never feel their job is done unless they have passed the belief that rigging safety requires daily reinforcement. To help users of rigging systems, professionals and non-professionals alike, JR Clancy offers several safety support items.
  • Over the past few years, having introducing high tech rigging products like the PowerLift and the award winning PowerAssist which both offer innovative features for safely running a rigging system; Clancy recently turned its attention to a few low tech solutions that can also aid with safety concerns. Clancy has redesigned all of their instructional signs and batten end caps. "Signs and batten end caps are at the opposite end of technology, but certainly no less useful or important," comments Tom Young, vice president of marketing for JR Clancy. "We've revamped all of our instructional signs to promote safe rigging operations. These are available free to anyone and we hope everyone takes advantage of them. You can get them as two-color signs ordered directly from Clancy at no charge as well as downloadable files an end-user can print and use directly from our website." The available signs are Manual Counterweight Safety Sign with Loading Bridge, Manual Counterweight Safety Sign without Loading Bridge, Motorized Winch Safety Sign, and Hand Winch Safety Sign.
  • Clancy has always sent out bright yellow plastic batten end caps to users for covering the ends of standard pipe battens in order to increase visibility. Yet even here Clancy saw an opportunity to address a safety concern as Young explains. "We've now added set capacity information to our batten end caps. This is because far too many users don't know what their set capacities are. By making these new caps available we hope to promote a safer rigging environment." Clancy will send up to ten batten end caps to users for free.
  • The redesigned instructional signs and batten end caps are just two of the safety initiatives offered by Clancy. An annual inspection is another very important component toward ensuring a safe entertainment facility. Clancy can help you find a qualified rigging specialist in your area to inspect the condition of your backstage equipment. Ultimately, you'll have greater peace of mind knowing your theatre is as safe as possible. If you would like to have your theatre inspected for safety and have a qualified rigging specialist contact you to discuss an inspection contact Tom Young at tomyoung@jrclancy.com.
  • The JR Clancy website is a great resource of rigging information, safety articles and even hosts interactive tours of different types of rigging systems so take time and explore it. Clancy also sponsors www.rigging-safety.com, a site that provides a wealth of rigging safety information. To get copies of the instructional signs go to www.jrclancy.com/designops.htm#safetysigns. For the batten end caps go to www.jrclancy.com/funstuff.htm. While you are there you can check out the other fun items Clancy offers like Stage Rigging Posters and Rigging Data Calculators.

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