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LocaModa previewed the latest version of its popular Wiffiti application at the Digital Signage Expo 2009 held in Las Vegas Feb. 25-26. Wiffiti, which has been used in thousands of venues and events globally, allows both in-house audiences and remote users to send and share messages. The product has been the social centerpiece of events ranging from product launches, pop concerts, political rallies, fundraisers, nonprofit and corporate conferences and large-scale parties, including the recent closing bash of Social Media Week NYC.

According to the company, the latest version of Wiffiti allows text messages, photos and tagged social media feeds to be displayed and shared. Relevant user-submitted content from sources such as Twitter or Flickr stream synchronously with live mobile photos and text messages, making events even more connected. If required, the messages can be filtered and/or moderated in real-time.
Commercial Wiffiti screens, like all LocaModa products, have been designed to be fully interactive, customizable, scalable and measurable, providing sponsors with real-time, granular audience analytics, the company said. The new version of Wiffiti has added more options for user-generated screens as well.

“Basic Wiffiti screens can now be created very quickly,” said Jayne Karolow, director of community for Cambridge, Mass.-based LocaModa. “A user can import a custom background image, select tags, choose a unique screen ID and press publish. It’s literally that simple and fast. Audiences can continue the Wiffiti conversations they were having out at the bar or create dynamic new threads of their own.”

Wiffiti displays only require a web-connected computer capable of running Adobe Flash 9. According to LocaModa, digital signage companies, digital out-of-home network operators and event organizers can run Wiffiti as a stand-alone application or embed it into their media loop effortlessly, enabling real-time interactive content on passive networks.
For more information: www.locamoda.com


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