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NSCA Ramps Up Digital Signage

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Traditional AV designers and integrators have faced some challenges in recent years as they witness the explosive growth of digital signage, but don't always see their unique services catching the eye of end-user customers. With many current AV designers and installers watching in frustration as end-users they haven't traditionally dealt with go outside of the established "commercial AV" channel to source their systems, it's time to bring the camps together. Integrators now need to target the "general contractor" of a network deployment including display, software or communication providers. NSCA has taken on this challenge to help educate its members on how to take AV out of the boardroom and classroom. For this year's Expo, which runs this week in Orlando, NSCA will enlighten attendees on all aspects of doing business in the digital signage marketplace.
The NSCA Expo Digital Signage Showcase, March 15-17, at the NSCA Expo in Orlando, will explore the full range of digital applications for systems integrators and provides hands-on examples in a themed environment highlighting various markets including corporate communications, healthcare, interactive education, Wayfinding, and retail.
The following courses will help sharpen technical skills, expand marketing knowledge, and offer insight on how to be more profitable in the digital signage arena. The courses include:
- Profitable Flat Panel Mounting Solutions
Presented by Greg Nank, CSAV (Chief-Sanus Audio Visual)
In today's competitive market, learning how to drive down soft costs are key components to maximizing profits. Learn from a leading mount manufacturer:
1) How mounts can drive down soft costs like service, theft, vandalism, and installation times
2) How custom mounts can impact your (dealer) business and the end users solution
3) Why strategic relationships in a digital signage project can help companies win deals
4) How partnering in digital signage market can produce new business opportunities
These are just a few of the many ways you will learn how mounts can maximize profits, generate revenue and reduce soft costs.
- Digital Signage: The Exploding New Medium
Presented by Lyle Bunn, Alchemy, PI Media.
Digital display continues to grow rapidly in retail, service, sports/entertainment, corporate and public locations for merchandising, wayfinding, advertising and information display. Attendees will learn key trends and issues including technology balancing, what is driving demand for these networks, the growth and deployment outlook, deployment issues and opportunities.
- Integrative Sign as the Emerging Standard for Digital Signage Networks
Presented by Brad Gleeson, Planar Systems, Inc.
Digital signage has tremendous opportunity to transform and benefit many business models and generate significant business growth for those who participate. The industry remains fractured however due to the numerous incompatible software protocols and lack of standards. In this presentation, we will discuss the nature of the digital signage market and how a standardized display appliance can simplify sales, installation, and management of signage networks.
- Develop Your Expertise in Selling to Digital Signage Prospects
Presented by Dave Spence, BTV
Develop your expertise in selling to digital signage prospects. Learn about market conditions, benefits of digital signage, current technology, equipment selection and placement, and partnering with other firms. You will learn ways to improve your sales approach and qualify prospects. This will be an interactive session that will take ideas from the floor and translate them into sales language that can be used at your next sales call.
- Design, Specification, and Installation of Digital Signage Systems
Presented by Matt Nelson, Avocent Connectivity and Control
Learn the do's and don't of designing, specifying and installing digital signage systems. To be a successful contractor in the digital signage market it is important to know everything you can about digital signage systems. This course will impart knowledge and experience of various types and sizes of digital signage systems installations. We will step through the design and specification of a digital signage system. After specifying the solution the course will explain a typical digital signage system installation. In addition, the course will cover ongoing customer needs and issues that can occur after the initial installation.
- Make Your Customers Happy: Choose the Best Digital Signage Technology at the Right Price
Presented by The Digital Signage Group
Digital signage systems are more than just a screen on the wall - there is content, back-end systems, media players, etc. Simple decisions - like what kind of media formats to support - can make a huge difference in the initial cost of the system and the long-term cost of operations. Learn how some of these basic choices affect the cost of a digital signage system. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to better prepare yourself or your clients for the true cost of operating a digital signage network.
- Nice Screens - So, Where's The Content? The Right Content for the Right Target at the Right Time
Presented by Michael Nelson, Promo Only BMD
Learn the difference between Digital Signage Networks (DSN), which content mix is relevant for each, and how to maximize the ROI. A successful installer of DSNs must be able to determine what equipment and distribution networking is required to achieve the client's expected impact on the consumer. At the core of this determination is an understanding of the client's expectations, the content mix, the media elements that make up the content mix, and how the various media elements will be displayed. In this course we will outline various types of DSNs, including: Captive Audience Networks (CAN); Transitory Networks; Co-op Networks; Business Networks; and Entertainment Networks, while detailing a relevant content mix for each within various target markets. In addition, we will walk through a successful DSN project. Topics Covered: DSN Types; ROI expectation; program design; content creation; playback devices; file distribution; ongoing content maintenance; and customer service.
For information, visit www.NSCAEXPO.org, or call 319-861-8646.


NSCA Ramps Up Digital Signage

Traditional AV designers and integrators have faced some challenges in recent years as they witness the explosive growth of digital signage, but don't always see their unique services catching the eye of end-user customers.

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