Data Projections Recognized for Continued Growth -

Data Projections Recognized for Continued Growth

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Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Data Projections is also enjoying recognition from the Houston Business Journal, which recently ranked the company 22nd in its list of the largest Houston-area technology employers. The list is compiled annually by HBJ and the ranking is based on the number of local full-time employees.

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Data Projections president and COO Billy Zaleski notes that Texas has not been as hard hit by economic turmoil as the rest of the country.

Data Projections currently employs 82 people in Houston and 156 company-wide, with additional locations in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley in Texas and also in Boise, ID.

Texas has been a good climate for business throughout these years of economic turmoil. “We are fortunate to have a strong, diverse economy in Texas, and we have not been as hard hit by economic turmoil as the rest of the country,” said Billy Zaleski, Data Projections president and COO. “Texas continues to be a great place to work with opportunity for growth. I feel the state has experienced minimal impact from the current economic factors facing the rest of the country due to the strength of the energy and technology sectors.”

Data Projections has seen significant growth in these two sectors, but it also reports strong business in banking and finance and K-12 and higher education. “I think the growth markets will be with companies that have dispersed workforces that are realizing the importance of immediate collaboration,” Zaleski reported. “Utilizing communication methods across a variety of technologies is essential and we are expecting to see an increase in companies seeking comprehensive technology solutions.”

Looking ahead, Zaleski also sees a lot of potential in another vertical which the company serves. “With the exponential increase in healthcare costs, there are a lot of efficiencies that can be gained by integrating technology,” he said. “I see healthcare as the single biggest opportunity in the coming years.”

But Data Projections won’t stray too far from its core markets: “We cannot forget energy—this is Texas, after all!”

Hiring to keep up with all this demand poses its challenges, especially as the company sees an increasing need for AV technicians to be IT savvy. “Finding candidates that possess both the AV and IT/technical expertise is difficult, which is why we often hire based on candidates’ aptitude and overall behavioral competencies, then provide technical training in-house,” Zaleski said.

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Data Projections maintains telepresence suites in its offices, including this one in Houston, TX. 

As such, the company places a high priority on training and certifications, a fact which has led Data Projections to receive InfoComm’s Diamond Level Certified Solutions Provider (CAVSP) ranking every year since 2008.

Staying on a growth curve means that Data Projections will likely remain as one of the largest tech employers in Houston (and Texas at large). In the past year, the integrator has seen 10-15 percent growth in headcount companywide. “With our focus on quality of service, a lot of the growth we are seeing is focused on customer service competencies and quality enhancement positions.”

And the company is still hiring, Zaleski noted. “We are always looking for the best talent to hire across all areas of our business, and we encourage continuous professional growth and development of our existing employees. This dynamic element of our culture helps us to sustain a leading edge and will continue to be an area of focus for 2012 and beyond.”


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