Insight Media University Launches “AV Energy Management” Course -

Insight Media University Launches “AV Energy Management” Course

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Insight Media University (IMU) has released a new on-line course called AV Energy Management. This 60-minute basic level course provides the fundamentals of understanding AV Systems Energy Management and the principles of designing & installing an AV system in conformance with the upcoming InfoComm / ANSI Audiovisual System Energy Management standard. The course is available on-line for $99 at the following link:

You can expect to learn/gain:
• An understanding of the AV Energy Management standard
• How monitoring & control tools are utilized
• An understanding the AV System power states
• How to design and deploy AV Energy Management
• The cost benefits of AV Energy Management

The course outline follows:
• Explanation of the AV Energy Management standard
• Monitoring & Control of AV energy (power)
• Strategic design for AV Energy Management
• Defining the AV Power States
• Measurement, Logging and Reporting of AV energy usage
• Education & Training on AV Energy Management
• How automation assists with AV Energy Management
• AV Energy Management GUI’s & Dashboards
• Review of a recent case study
• Impact of AV Energy Management

Christopher Maione, CTS-D, is president of Christopher Maione Associates, a firm specializing in all aspects of AV business, technologies, emerging trends and marketing strategy. An industry guru and resource, Maione strongly supports the strengthening of the AV industry by continually setting benchmarks for improving the quality of the products and services AV manufacturers and professionals deliver. With his global experience in AV / IT and architecture, he is an often sought after speaker for industry events and a frequent contributor to various industry trade publications. Chris is an InfoComm Adjunct Faculty member and has served on several standards committees.

For those who want continuing education credits, the course is approved for 1 CTS RU credit from InfoComm.

Course link:

Insight Media University Contacts:
Dian Mecca, (203) 831-8464,
Jonathan Brawn, (760) 231-7425,

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