New ISF Studio Course: Color, Display Calibration, 3D LUTs

Imaging Science Foundation has launched a new course targeted at professionals in the video and feature film industry responsible for quality control of color across the entire production/post-production workflow. “ISF Studio: Color Management, Display Calibration and Working with 3D LUTs” covers color management and theory for digital film and video production, digital intermediate (DI) and video post-production, VFX, HD and film print dailies, and digital projection.

Modern production or post-production environments require a working knowledge of color science. Before applying different looks to material editing bays must adhere to rigid standards for color reproduction. Color plays a major part in producing accurate renderings of the creative intent for the end user - the customer in the movie theater or in their home theater.

The ISF Studio course is hands-on, and employs the latest technologies for creation, manipulation and tuning (calibration) of the 3D LUT. Instructors will integrate and demonstrate using industry standard equipment including HDLink Pro, Davio and ColorBox among others.
Professionals who will benefit from this course include VFX production supervisors, VFX artists, DI post-production engineers, CGI/VFX software developers, Digital imaging technicians (DITs), Colorists and Broadcast Engineers.

Course Outline:

•The Need for Accurate Color
•Color Science - How the Eye sees Light and Color
•The Shortcomings of Modern Displays
•How Do We Solve the Problem?
•Profiles vs. LUTs
•What Tools Exist? Practical demonstration of LUT processors.
•Wrap Up, Review & ISF Studio Certification

The following courses are being organized now:

8/14: San Jose, CA
8/21: Los Angeles
8/28: Minneapolis
9/18: Cincinnati
9/27: Austin, TX

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