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Digital Projection Grows In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY - Access Integrated Technologies (AccessIT) facilitated the entire digital process of showing 20th Century Fox's Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith at the company's theater, The Pavilion Digital Showcase Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. The 80GB feature took about six and a half hours to transmit via satellite from the studio in Chatsworth, CA. It was stored with other associated media on a library server with AccessIT's proprietary distribution software and technologies and finally, after a week of training for the projectionists, shown on the film's much-hyped opening night with a Christie CP2000 2K digital projector featuring DLP Cinema technology. Digital 2K-movie presentation is designed to offer viewers approximately twice the resolution of typical high-definition programming.

Since the installation and Star Wars premiere, AccessIT digitally delivered Dreamworks' Madagascar to 11 theaters across the country and now all five 2K digital screens at the Brooklyn Pavilion are in full-time operation.

A milestone for AccessIT, Madagascar's release marks the first time a major film is being shown on three 2K digitally-equipped screens in a single theater. AccessIT's Pavilion Digital Showcase is now the largest 2K digital cinema installation in the U.S.
AccessIT provides digital transmission for theaters in Manhattan as well but those features are mostly transmitted via fiber optic lines due to the interference of tall buildings.

Supported by its robust platform of fail-safe Internet data centers, AccessIT uses its Theatrical Distribution System (TDS) with its digital delivery capabilities and in-theatre software systems to provide a level of technology that enables the emerging digital cinema industry to transition from film without changing workflows.

"The Pavilion will afford AccessIT an ideal venue for demonstrating to the public, the media, and other exhibitors the company's complete suite of services, software and satellite or fiber delivery systems. These systems were used to deliver nine major movies in the last half of this year. It will be the first multiplex installation of our 'Theater Command Center' software, which allows theater owners to manage and operate all equipment as well as to receive and maintain a library of all movies, trailers and advertising showing in a multiplex," said Russell Wintner, president and COO of Access Digital Media. "We will also deploy the Vista Point of Sales system, and our Exhibitor Management System (EMS) for back-office, booking and accounting, both supported by AccessIT's Hollywood Software business unit."

AccessIT's president and CEO, Bud Mayo founded the Clearview Cinema chain, developing it into a leading, publicly traded circuit of movie houses in the New York tri-state area before it was acquired by Cablevision Systems in 1998.