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Hall Research Switching, Extender Products

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The U2-160-4 USB 2.0 Extender
The U2-160-4 is a USB 2.0 extender with built-in 4-Port Hub in the remote end for connection of up to 4 USB devices. The extender is capable of sending USB signals across a CAT5e/6 cable up to 50 meters at data rates to 480 Mbps. In most applications no additional power supply connection is needed as power is drawn from the host and sent through the CAT5e/6 cable. A universal power supply is included which can be connected to the remote hub when using power hungry USB devices.

The UHBX-R-XT is an HDBaseT receiver with both HDMI output for connection to a local display as well as a re-buffered HDBaseT output so it can be used in a daisy chain.

The UHBX-R-XT utilizes Class-A HDBaseT technology with Long-Reach mode that allows up to 500 feet of Cat6 between any two receivers. Up to 6 receivers (displays) can be placed in the chain for a total chain length of 3,000 feet. The UHBX-R-XT provides an HDMI output, as well as IR and RS-232 for control. The RS-232 ports are addressable, so when connected in a chain, the user can address a particular box and send commands to a specific TV or projector.

IR can be extended from the sender to all the receivers, but also similar to RS-232 function, using the serial port on the sender, the user can address a specific receiver in the daisy chain and have it issue any IR command (most popular IR protocols are supported).

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The SW-HD-4 HDMI Switcher
The SW-HD-4 is a 4 input HDMI Switcher with InstaPort Technology from Silicon Image enabling fast switching of four HDMI sources to a single HDMI output. The switcher supports 4K (UHD), 3D, 36-bit Deep Color video. Control switching via front panel button, using IR remote control, RS-232 , Telnet and also web GUI built in the unit.

Full EDID control is provided, whereby the user can decide individually the EDID content for each input. The user can choose from a list of standard EDIDs or copy the EDID from the connected display to any input. This can be done using the web GUI or by sending RS-232 commands.

Auto switching with priority is another important feature of the switcher. In Auto mode, the SW-HD-4 scans all inputs and automatically selects the active input. Priority is based on position with #1 input having the highest priority (so if more than one input has video, in Auto mode, the input with lowest port number will be selected).

Front panel buttons can be locked to prevent users from switching or changing modes. The Switcher can also disable HDCP support for any input forcing the source to send unencrypted content when allowed (some sources add HDCP even if the content shown is not protected). When the input does not have HDCP, the output will not have HDCP. This is a useful feature for connecting the output to devices that do not support HDCP such as video conferencing gear.

The SW-HD-4 provides a USB type A port on the back for connection of USB flash devices for firmware upgrade. This USB connector provides 500 ma of power and can be used to power external devices such as Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV.


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Hall Research UH2X-P1 Extender

The UH2X-P1 is Hall Research’s new extender that uses the HDBaseT 2.0 standard to extend uncompressed HDMI, USB 2.0, Ethernet, RS232, IR, and PoE over one CAT5e/6 cable.

Hall Research Switching Scaler

Hall Research Technologies, Inc. – a manufacturer of video processing and distribution equipment – has developed a new product to consolidate installations with the TVB-400 Video to PC/HDTV Switching Scaler with Optional Audio. The TVB-400 series can accept Component (SD and HD from 480p to 1080i), S-Video (NTSC or PAL), Composite (NTSC or PAL) and PC (RGBHV from VGA to UXGA) inputs and then both switch and scale the output to the desired resolution, while optionally switching the Audio from each of the inputs to the output. The unit has controls for input switching, output resolution, picture adjustment, aspect ratio, digital noise reduction, 3D enhancement and optionally the volume for each input. The unit can be controlled via the front panel controls, IR Remote or RS232 control software.

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Contemporary Research Products for InfoComm

Contemporary Research, amanufacturer of professional AV products, will bring the ATSC-SDI 4 Tuner and the ICC1-IRX TV Controller at the InfoComm Show June 17-19 in Orlando, FL. They will also demonstrate their dual-channel QMOD HDTV Modulators/IPTV Encoders with MPEG2/MPEG 4 H2.64 encoding.

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Vision2 Marketing for Hall Research

Hall Research announces Vision2 Marketing as its new manufacturer’s representative in the Southeastern US region (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee).

Hall Research Announces New Products

Hall Research has announced the availability of the new HDMI over HDBaseT. The UH-1BT extends HDMI 1.4 or single link DVI video signal to 230 ft (70M) using a single inexpensive Cat5E or Cat6 cable. Video and embedded audio signals are transmitted without any compression to the remote for identical reproduction. The d