BrightSign HD Digital Signage Improves Fan Experience at Yankee Stadium

  • Diversified Media Group (DMG), a leading integrator of digital signage networks, was hired during the construction of the new Yankee Stadium to provide a dynamic visual solution to enhance menu boards and promote brands for the concessions stands. DMG and their customer, Legends Hospitality Management, selected the BrightSign HD210 digital sign controllers to drive the digital signs for all nineteen of the concession stands throughout the stadium. “Legends has a totally different concept in terms of the stadium hospitality experience,” said John Melillo, president of DMG. The venue’s management wanted to give their general fan base a unique visual experience going to the concession stands. “It was a good way to support their brands and show off some of the concession products.”
  • DMG faced a significant challenge during this project – they were required to integrate the digital signage just five weeks before opening day. DMG’s requirements for a solution included excellent HD image and video quality that would be simple and quick to install, as well as flexible enough to update content over a network.

“We had been looking at the BrightSign HD210 product for a long time, and had done some testing, and this seemed like the perfect application. It offers extremely high-end playback,” said Melillo. Another primary reason the BrightSign HD210 was selected is for its networkability, which enables content updates from a remote location. This key benefit will allow content to remain fresh without the effort of manually swapping out SD cards with new content. Although this feature was not initially implemented due to the short time frame, it will be enabled next season using a simple Ethernet connection and employing BrightSign Network Manager. “Next season, we will be working with the Yankees’ IT department to network BrightSign, Melillo said. “It’s a flexible product in that we can use the SDHC card to begin with, and add networking later.”

Although this was DMG’s first deployment of BrightSign products, Melillo says that the experience was a positive one. “The product is extremely reliable, the client is very happy and they love the playback,” he said. “And it looks gorgeous, and that was one of their big drivers.” Food service is a high priority at Yankee Stadium, which gave this project a high level of importance. “Many of the stadiums are about more than the game. The game is part of it, but it’s also about the total fan experience,” Melillo said. As sports venues strive to meet the public’s increasing demand for such an experience, BrightSign is well positioned to provide the necessary flair with a simple yet powerful solution.

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