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Brand Activation and Digital OOH

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On June 18-19, 2007, at Bridgewaters, New York City, the Strategy Institute will host a conference on Brand Activation Strategies Using Digital Out-of-home Media. The conference will address the shift of power to the consumer, and brand activation using digital out-of-home media in a way that is customer-centric, media neutral and delivering groundbreaking, measurable, bold campaigns.
Topics at the conference:
* Seriously innovate how you build your brand
* Drive your advertising ROI and ROO in a major way
* Measure in real-time the impact of your campaign
* Be ahead of the curve rather than behind it
* Increase the number of relevant customer touch points
* Generate major buzz in your next campaign
* Be more business savvy and strategic in your media mix
* Execute more effective multi-channel integrated plans
* Re-evaluate the best way to connect with customers
Marketers are leveraging digital media in the outdoor environment in wildly creative ways to build brands, drive sales lift, better target customers, and measure results in real-time, and to make a much more cost-effective media investment.
According the Strategy Institute, attendees can take back and implement immediately NINE new strategies to make new, relevant connections with customers by learning how to:
1. Execute groundbreaking customer experiential campaigns
2. Deliver brand messages
3. Generate buzz with breakout, creative
4. Connect with the elusive 18-24s
5. Support local sales in the rollout of new products with ease
6. Offer targeted and innovative day-part and geo-segmented demonstrations
7. Make business savvy media investments
8. Multiply your relevant customers’ media touch points
9. Execute more effective multi-channel integrated plans
Outdoor advertising is evolving to a world of two-way advertising providing measurable engagement and buzz-worthy campaigns. Proximity marketing involving cell phones, digital billboards, Bluetooth, RFID, and SMS are making one of the oldest medias the industry’s most fashionable. Attendees can hear how this new media involving mobile is providing a closed loop system for marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts in real-time, and take away leading case studies and knowledge for their next campaign. Nike iD, Dove Real Beauty, Share Your Secret, Absolut Vodka, and Lexus campaigns will be examined– they are all are examples of the emergence of mobile “outdoor interactive.”
FIRST TIME Exclusive Cocktail Reception: UP-FRONTS for Digital Out-of-Home Media in 2008: Sourcing value and opportunity with your advertising investments. For the first time, attendees can experience the Up-Fronts for the Digital OOH Media Network Industry, and meet directly with the networks that can deliver cost-effective customer engagement media strategies.
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