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Noventri Presents the Only Made-in-USA Digital Signage Solution

  • A digital signage player that is made in the United States? The Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage player from Noventri is the only Made-In-USA digital signage player currently available to the U.S. market.
  • Noventri has succeeded in providing the digital signage industry with the first Made-In-USA digital signage player. The Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage player was designed and manufactured entirely in the United States and is a solution for those that are making a conscious effort to buy such products.
  • Interestingly, the United States has seen a loss of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs just in this decade with a residual impact leading to the demise of over 33 million jobs. With increasing awareness of the situation, more and more U.S. businesses are taking steps to find ways to save jobs, stimulate the economy and save U.S. industries from extinction by buying Made-In-USA products.
  • This is especially challenging in the technology field since most technology is made overseas. Knowing this, Noventri has taken steps to provide companies with a digital signage solution that meets the Made-In-USA criteria with the Eco-Series SF-100e.
  • Being designed and manufactured in the U.S. means that the circuit board, all low-level and high-level software code and the enclosure was designed in the United States and although finding a U.S. chip manufacturer that makes silicon parts was impossible, Noventri chose American companies such as Texas Instruments, Altera and National Semiconductor for chips to drive the SF-100e.
  • “Although there is an extreme interest in the technology globally, we felt we had to address the U.S. market as well,” says David Linetsky, president of Noventri. “Wherever possible we used U. S. components, right down to the bright green paint used for the case. The SF-100e appeals to government entities as well as any industry that is conscious of the state of the economy and a greater need for technology manufacturing to be based here in the States.”
  • Technical support for the SF-100e is also based right here in the United States and as an added bonus, businesses will save fossil fuels since various components of the product do not have to be transported numerous times before reaching the end-user.