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Dot2Dot Communications Releases Ad Manager

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Dot2Dot Communications has launched a new release for their business management system, Ad Manager.

Utilized by OOH networks around the globe, Ad Manager designed to help owners of digital place-based networks who are looking to manage their entire communications plan. The sotware is geared toward those looking for a 360° Consumer Experience Management, where all facets of communications—revenue generating or not—are being delivered, measured and managed by one software platform, on location.

“It’s a time of growth in the digital OOH advertising industry and the scope and horizons for network placement keep expanding,” said Andy McRae, General Manager, Dot2Dot Communications. “Digital place-based media is here to stay, it’s getting results, and it’s offering credible opportunities. Dot2Dot is excited to be back with a focus on this market and our proprietary software Ad Manager.”

Visit Dot2Dot in Scala’s DSE booth #922 for a hands-on demo of Ad Manager.


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Scala, a provider of end-to-end connected signage software, has announced that the company's media management solution, Charting Pro, has been renamed Ad Manager. The decision to change the name to Ad Manager comes after the acquisition of MISA and Charting Pro to reflect Scala's leading position in the outdoor advertising industry. The new name leverages on Scala's objective and commitment to deliver the most advanced media management solution for all out-of-home media advertising, not just digital. The name Ad Manager not only presents a more descriptive, positive image but it also describes the major benefits of a complete advertising management solution for the out-of-home industry. Ad Manager has been designed to simplify your out-of-home advertising campaigns.