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CEA Launches IPv6 Working Group

Arlington, VA--The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has formed the IPv6 Transition Working Group to coordinate consumer electronics (CE) manufacturer, service provider, and retailer activities as the internet transitions from IPv4 addressing to IPv6, ensuring internet-enabled devices continue to operate without interruption.

"Anticipating that the limited number of IPv4 addresses would run out, a replacement address system called IPv6 was created more than 10 years ago," said Brian Markwalter, senior vice president of Research and Standards for CEA. "IPv6 has not been uniformly adopted to date, but as IPv4 addresses are running out—with the expectation that the U.S. will exhaust its supply by early- to mid-2012—it's time for industry to work together to ensure a seamless transition for businesses and consumers alike."

Chaired by John Brzozowski, chief architect, IPv6 and distinguished engineer, Comcast, the working group will serve as a forum for retailers, broadband service providers, and CE manufacturers to share information and work together on the IPv6 transition for consumer electronics.

"If your company makes internet products, provides internet service to consumers, or relies on the internet for services like streaming content, you may be impacted by the IPv6 transition, and you should get involved in this working group," said Brzozowski. "As part of a wider community of companies working on a successful transition to IPv6, Comcast is excited to lead this CEA effort involving manufacturers, retailers, and content providers."

For more information, or to join the IPv6 Transition working group, please contact Melissa Matalon at

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