Screen Innovations Introduces Slate Screen Technology -

Screen Innovations Introduces Slate Screen Technology

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The What: Screen Innovations (SI) is now offering Slate to its worldwide dealer network, designed to provide dealers with an option beyond white and gray screens.

The What Else: According to the company, Slate eliminates the need to settle for white or gray screens by rejecting 65 percent of the room’s ambient light. See the differences between Black Diamond, Slate, and White or Gray screens at:

The Why: “Now, the best screen technology is available for all applications,” said Ryan Gustafson, president of Screen Innovations.

One More Thing: Slate, made in the USA, is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200-inch 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. Slate is available in Motorized, Zero Edge, and Fixed Frame screen formats.


Screen Innovations Black Diamond

Screen Innovations (SI) has enlarged Black Diamond. The largest Black Diamond screens to date feature 1.4 gain in new sizes: 16:9 120-inch and 2.35:1 150-inch, in Fixed and Zero Edge formats. The larger Black Diamond screens, as well as other recently designed additions to the SI family, continue to make SI the fastest growing screen company in the world.