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Hall Research Adds IP Control to its All-in-One A/V System

  • Hall Research announces today the release of the model VSA-31-IP, an add-on module for the Switch-Cat AV Systems. The new IP module allows monitoring and controlling of Switch-Cat installations via Internet Protocol. The Switch-Cat is the all-in-one AV system that is currently installed in hundreds of classrooms and conference rooms worldwide.
  • The VSA-31-IP is simply inserted in the RS-232 control signal path from the AV system to the display. It is port-powered, therefore no additional power supplies are required. The package contains two elements: The IP Module and the GUI Software. The IP Module connects to the local network through a standard network cable. The GUI Software is a standalone software program that can be installed onto any computer on the local network that allows asset management, monitoring and control of multiple installations.
  • "The VSA-31-IP is a great option for adding functionality to the Switch-Cat system. It eases the burden of system management by allowing remote administration from anywhere on the network. Features like remote management, e-mail alarms and distributed device control would be virtually impossible to implement without network connectivity,” said Justin Ireland, product manager for Hall Research. "The VSA-31-IP is a step that Hall Research has taken towards more sophisticated products with advanced feature sets and greater manageability," he continued. Useful applications for the VSA-31-IP are facilities where multiple units of the VSA-31 are presently in place, and installations that require remote device administration capabilities.