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FSR Launches ‘Wire Marshall’ Under-Table Management System

FSR Launches ‘Wire Marshall’ Under-Table Management System

The What: FSR’s WM-CMPT “Wire Marshall” is a complete solution for tying the company’s table boxes to its full line of floor box and poke-thru solutions.

The What Else: The WM-CMPT system consists of the WM-UTC Under Table Channel for dressing cables horizontally along the table underside, and the WM-CP Cable Pathway, a solution for handling multiple low-voltage AV/data and AC cables from the table’s underside to the floor. The WM-LC Leg Channel is also available for dressing cables along the backside of a round table leg.

The Bottom Line: The Wire Marshall system provides for clean and elegant cable management in table designs that lack a pedestal for hiding cables and power as they transition from the table boxes to the floor.

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