Vertigo to Build Enclosures for Prysm

  • By David Keene
  • Prysm got quite a bit of ink, last week and this week, about their InfoComm debut of their LPD displays. But kind of lost in the InfoComm shuffle was the fact that digital signage pioneer Brad Gleeson, who leads Vertigo Displays, had worked behind the scenes to provide Prysm with some unique enclosures for their booth. And during the show last week, further agreements between Vertigo and Prysm were pursued. And considering that Vertigo’s specialty is ruggedized enclosures for display panels, it portends Prysm’s quick ramping up for outdoor signage as well as indoor.
  • Little noticed press release from Prysm about the Vertigo collaboration:
  • “Prysm, Inc. announced a new partnership with Vertigo Digital Displays for the development of display enclosures for Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) panels. Vertigo and Prysm have agreed to work together to provide enclosure and solution options, designed around Prysm’s LPD panels, for a wide range of applications and customers. Vertigo also worked with Prysm to design the enclosures for Prysm’s screens to be shown at the InfoComm conference taking place from June 9-11 in Las Vegas, booth #C5038.
  • Vertigo is best known for designing digital signage displays for harsh and demanding environments, such as rail platforms, theme parks and restaurant drive-thru locations, but with a reputation for attractive industrial design. Prysm challenged Vertigo with the opportunity to design a wide range of display solutions using Prysm’s patented LPD tile technology which would highlight the unique tiling and scalability of the technology while delivering a practical yet attractive display implementation.
  • Prysm has selected two Vertigo digital signage solution designs for Infocomm – one 2x5 tile digital display, and the other a unique 16 tile creative window display with a center opening through which shoppers could see the inside of the store. The solutions are finished with polished walnut frames and sturdy pedestal stands, and include integrated cooling and space for integrated player electronics.
  • “Vertigo is proud to have been selected to design enclosure solutions around this very exciting new display technology” says Brad Gleeson, President and CEO of Vertigo Displays. “We look forward to designing and offering solutions which utilize the limitless potential of this flexible new display medium with Prysm.”
  • “We are excited to be working with a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of digital display enclosures,” said Dana Corey, VP Global Sales and Marketing for Prysm, Inc. “With state of the art products that have been used by many companies within the indoor/outdoor advertising industry, we are confident that our tiles will be well-guarded against the elements, providing unique configurations with dramatically less heat and power consumption than conventional displays.”
  • Based on the LPD technology, Prysm’s environmentally-friendly LPD panels are more cost-efficient and consume only one quarter of the energy than other display technologies. The LPD technology has a laser engine which uses solid-state laser diodes to energize phosphors on a surface emissive panel to generate seamless and superior quality images. The phosphors emit red, green and blue colors as the modulating laser beams scan across the surface to create a flicker-free images which can viewed from any angle.
  • About Prysm
  • Prysm, Inc., a privately held company based in San Jose, California with operations in Massachusetts, UK and India, is the leading provider of ecovative Laser Phosphor Displays (LPD’s). LPD technology offers a display platform with the lowest power consumption and environmental impact along with freeform flexibility, long-lasting performance and brilliant picture quality. Prysm is committed to ecovation - a design and development mission bent on exceeding industry standards for energy use with minimal environmental impact while delivering a brilliant display.
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  • About Vertigo Digital Displays LLC
  • Vertigo designs, engineers and manufactures integrated media systems, including advanced display enclosures and digital display solutions, as well as world-class street furniture, transit shelters and digital information kiosks. Based in Toronto, Canada, Vertigo is one of the world’s largest providers of innovative media display solutions to outdoor media companies. For more information, visit
David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.