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Lectrosonics Goes Green

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Rio Rancho, NM--Lectrosonics announced that it has taken a number of new steps to minimize the company’s power consumption and, thus, lessen the impact of its environmental footprint.

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The replacement of lighting fixtures throughout both the corporate offices and manufacturing facilities is an important step toward Lectrosonics' goal of being more environmentally friendly, the company says.

In the company’s manufacturing areas, forty-eight 400 watt metal-halide fixtures have been replaced with forty-eight 4-lamp 52 watt fluorescent fixtures. Additionally, the machine shop offices had new bulbs and electronic ballasts installed in their 32 watt ceiling fixtures.

The company’s corporate offices received equally significant upgrades. One hundred twenty-six 2-lamp 96 watt fixtures were replaced with one hundred twenty-six 4-lamp, T8 32 watt fixtures, which offer a dramatic reduction in power consumption and improved life expectancies compared to conventional lighting. Further, one hundred twenty office fixtures were retrofitted with new electronic ballasts and bulbs.

The lighting renovations implemented throughout Lectrosonics’ physical plant yield impressive energy savings. Whereas the power draw using the old lighting systems consumed 72 kW, the new fixtures draw just 42.6 kW, a savings of 29.4 kW or more than 40 percent.

“With more and more evidence pointing to strained natural resources and global warming, we all have to take steps to ensure a more environmentally friendly—or green—presence in our daily lives," said Karl Winkler, director of business development at Lectrosonics. "As a company, we have a responsibility to do our part and be ‘good neighbors’ to those around us. By changing the way we light our facilities, not only do we consume considerably less power, we reduce the heat that results and, hence, lower the load on the air conditioning systems during the summer months. The end result of these efforts is no small matter. The process took several months, cost more than $30,000, and will take several years to break even— but it’s the right thing to do.”


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