MMD Expands Philips Digital Menu Board Series -

MMD Expands Philips Digital Menu Board Series

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MMD has launched the Philips 47-inch BDL4771V as a new addition to its digital menu board series.

The BDL4771V is part of an expanded line of commercial-grade displays built for menu board applications in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Theaters, Amusement Parks and Stadium Arenas.

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“With the increased demand for digital menu boards in the QSR industry, we are seeing many fast food brands piloting digital menu board projects in their locations,” said Craig Rathbun, managing director for MMD North America. “To meet the challenges restaurant operators face, we expanded our digital menu board series with features to provide a solution with the efficiency to run at lower costs for years.”

The Philips display includes an In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD panel for vivid and rich picture quality at 1.07 billion display colors. The large color spectrum creates precise color saturation and contrast for a wider viewing angle in both portrait and landscape orientations. The IPS display technology also produces image consistency from screen to screen in multi-screen implementations. This feature enables viewers to clearly read signage content from all angles among an array of displays in a menu board configuration.

To meet a variety of digital menu board configurations, the Philips 47-inch BDL4771V features DVI Loopthrough technology, which allows the ability to daisy-chain multiple Philips displays through one digital source. By utilizing DVI Loopthrough technology, users can deploy systems in higher volumes while broadcasting a single video signal through multiple Philips displays. The DVI Loopthrough technology enables an array of Philips displays to connect in video wall and menu board configurations via DVI connection.

The Philips 47-inch BDL4771V incorporates Smart Insert, which allows the user to mount a small form factor PC or media player on the rear of the panel without increasing the overall depth of the display. 700-nit brightness ensures that the viewing quality does not decrease in areas of relatively high ambient brightness.

The Philips 47-inch BDL4771V display can also be controlled and configured via RS232 serial cable, RJ45 network cable, as well as through HDMI via OneWire, which can simultaneously send audio, video, and control signals to the display. Video can also be connected via display port, which allows better viewing of 1080p video signals.

The new Philips 47-inch BDL4771V is available now through all MMD business partners worldwide.


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