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Experience Innovation And Celebrate What The NSCA Has Accomplished In 25 Years

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Putting the technology in its natural context is what the NSCA Systems Integration Expo is all about this year in Orlando. Pavilions show the functions while the show itself revolves around the concept of networking and business building.

Many AV integrators are pursuing the security opportunities within a basic install. This year's expo caters to that concept. "I'm very interested in checking out the security portion of the show," said David Goldenberg of ACE Communications in Lynbrook, NY. "We're being pulled into security so I want to look at those applications and those vendors who we don't typically get to see."

For Goldenberg, the security demands are less for fire safety and security and more for CCTV, video and more of what is related to what ACE does from an integration standpoint which is audio/visual type work.

Steve York, president of York Electronics in Broken Arrow, OK is sending two of his staff to the NSCA show. "There's a variety of technical classes I've asked my guys to participate in," said York.

For York and his company, it's not only the education issues, but also the opportunity for networking. "Our industry is changing so fast now, that if you want a good consensus of national activity, that's the place to find out. The white papers they're creating are probably more significant than that of the national surveys they're doing in regard to compensation and industry trends. That is really giving us a much better picture of what our industry really is all about. It actually gives me a lot of optimism because it certainly is growing."


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