Kodak Digital Signage Solution

Kodak announced the KODAK Digital Sign JV700 and KODAK Digital Sign JV1000, digital displays designed to help businesses drive sales and increase consideration of specific products or services.

“Businesses can use digital signage to complement existing marketing tools, enrich the customer shopping experience, and strengthen in-store sales opportunities,” said Phil Scott, Vice President, Marketing, Digital Capture and Devices, Kodak. “Small scale, digital signage solutions offer businesses a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver tailored, relevant content to their customers.”

Kodak’s Wi-Fi enabled, small scale digital signs feature a built-in media player capable of streaming rich, tailored content, such as video and images, to engage shoppers and influence purchasing decisions. The KODAK Digital Signs, available in a 7-inch and 10-inch format, can be used to create strategic touch points for a variety of environments including retailers, banks, hotels, restaurants and other commercial businesses.

Kodak worked with Haivision Network Video, a leading provider of IP video and digital signage solutions, to develop the first of its Digital Sign solutions. The combination of Haivision’s COOLSIGN Software and Kodak’s wireless digital signage solution will allow businesses to centrally control and deliver selective, scheduled and location-based content. The digital signage solution easily integrates with Haivision’s COOLSIGN Software to receive and manage content remotely through a wireless network. Haivision’s software allows content to be scaled for a single sign or for an entire network comprised of thousands of units.

“The prices of these integrated player/frames are significantly less than the price typically paid for a signage PC player alone, which enables these products to drive new application opportunities for the digital signage industry,” said Peter Maag, Executive Vice President, COOLSIGN, Haivision Network Video. “The fact that they’re small enough to go virtually anywhere and Wi-Fi enabled, opens up a world of opportunity to improve customer-facing communications across many industries. These products are a big step toward the dream of digital signage being ubiquitous.”

A recent eMarketer study conducted in February 2011, which surveyed the status of in-store technology according to retail executives in North America, revealed that more than 20 percent of retailers plan to launch digital signage display solutions in the next 12-24 months. A survey conducted by European trade association, Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), reports significant growth of digital signs with more than 46,000 stores currently using the technology versus only 12,500 stores in 2007. POPAI predicts growth by year-end to push the total number of stores to 58,000.

Kodak and Haivision integrated specific features to support the needs of large-scale media deployments. These developments include the ability for administrators to monitor the network to oversee each sign’s content and screen health status. Administrators can use remote capabilities to trigger specific content to be displayed on any or all screens. Such content triggers might be used for dynamic advertising, emergency or situational broadcasts, or even interactive content. The CoolSign network also tracks and captures detailed play logs for each sign so that clients have a comprehensive account of the entire network.

“COOLSIGN’s brand vision has always been to enable companies to reach as many consumers as possible,” said Mirko Wicha, President and CEO, Haivision Network Video. “This low-cost, fully managed solution advances this aim and makes it ideal for enterprise-wide implementation of digital signage at any scale.”

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