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Power-Tiny And Tiny-Fogger Create Special Effects For Two New Movies And Debuting NBC Series

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WAYNESBORO, PA--Look Solutions' Power-Tiny battery-operated fog generator and the palm-sized Tiny-Fogger lent their special-effects capabilities to two recent films, "Spider-Man 3" and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" staring Adam Sandler. Motion picture special-effects company KFX in Port Chester, NY tapped eight to ten Tiny-Foggers, the smallest fog generators in the world, for smoking debris and steam-type effects in "Spider-Man 3." "You can easily hide Tiny-Foggers behind props and they'll put out a little bit of 'smoke' to enhance the environment," says Mark Bero, KFX's purchasing agent.

He used the flexible and powerful output of several Power-Tinys in a similar fashion for the Adam Sandler comedy, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," when the fire engulfing some furniture has been extinguished but continues to smoke. Bero has also used the Power-Tiny on "The Black Donnellys," the new NBC crime drama from the creators of "Crash," to add a real visual ouch factor to a scene in which a man gets his head pressed in a pannini machine. The Power-Tiny was employed to feed smoke into the supposedly hot appliance. Previously, Bero utilized Tiny-Foggers on the film "The Producers" to produce smoke from an onstage cannon and on Steve Martin's "The Pink Panther" when crooks use big smoke grenades to rob a casino. For more information visit www.looksolutionsusa.com.


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