NSCA Products 2007

NSCA Products 2007
  • Aviom's AV-M8 microphone input module utilizes the company's audio transport protocol, A-Net, converting eight analog audio channels to a digital stream and providing eight mic-level inputs. The AV-M8 is a plug-and-play system that runs over a Cat-5e cable, requiring no drilling of conduit. Two channels include a 30 dB switchable pad, allowing line-level signals to be connected. Eight channels of digital audio may also be input via ADAT, from a second AV-M8 module. Analog audio is input via eight latching 5.0mm Euroblock connectors. Each analog input channel features a set of configuration DIP switches for individually selectable gain settings, +48V phantom power and low-cut filter. Analog input channels are routed to channels 1-8 in the A-Net stream, while channels input via ADAT become channels 9-16.

The K8 digital audio distribution system from Klein + Hummel is for transporting audio across a facility. It can be used for simple point-to-point connections, or can form a distribution backbone for sending up to 16 audio channels to multiple remote locations.

The advantage of the K8 system is that it carries 16 channels of uncompressed digital audio over a standard Cat-5 cable, at a rate of 48 kHz, with a depth of 24 bits, and a total latency of less than one millisecond. The same cable also carries bi-directional data for remote monitoring and control of all devices connected within the K8 system over a single Ethernet port. Cable lengths may be run up to a total of 200 meters through passively daisy-chained K8 devices. Actively refreshing the line with a K8 distribution amplifier allows endless additions of 200-meter cable lengths and adds less than 1 ms of delay.

Soundcraft's Vi4 Digital Console

Only months after the introduction of the Soundcraft Vi6, the Vi Series of digital live sound consoles has been extended with the debut of the Soundcraft Vi4. In just under five feet, the Soundcraft Vi4 offers access to 48 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 27 output busses available for use as masters, groups, auxs or matrices. All other features of the Soundcraft Vi6, such as the Vistonics II touch-screen user interface, Soundcraft FaderGlow fader function display and audio quality, are inherited by the Soundcraft Vi4. Also available on the Soundcraft Vi4 is the new Processing Card option, which adds eight assignable Lexicon effects sections, together with 30-band BSS Audio graphic equalizers available on every output.

TOA's DA Series Amplifiers

TOA has introduced two new models to their DA Series multichannel digital amplifiers. The DA-500F-HL and DA-550F operate at 85-percent efficiency and consume almost one-third less power than conventional analog amplifiers. Lightweight and compact in size, only two rack spaces, the new DA Series amplifiers are ideal for multi-zone distributed speaker systems and professional sound applications. The new DA-500F-HL can drive both high- and low-impedance speaker loads with four channels of 500 Watts at 70 volt or 550 Watts at 8 ohms. The low-impedance model DA-550F provides four channels of 550 Watts at 4 ohms or two channels of 1,100 Watts at 8 ohms in bridged mode. Equipped with an independent power supply for each channel, the new multichannel amplifiers offer reliability. Other features include recessed stepped attenuators for precise gain calibration, removable dust filters for easy maintenance, and optional 250 W isolation transformers.

TV One's C2-7110 Presentation Switcher

TV One's C2-7110 dual-channel, multi-format presentation switcher features the CORIO EXP front panel which gives the user functionality with 48 buttons, multi-way navigation control and integrated LCD. The CORIO2-based C2-7110, features nine inputs and two independent video processing and scaling engines and two video mixers for maximum flexibility. The C2-7110 operates in three different modes: switcher mode, independent mode, and dual PIP mode.

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