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Danley Sound Labs

Danley Sound Labs
  • Danley's Tom DanleyTom Danley's loudspeaker designs have been utilized in projects that include ground zero bombing simulation, jet engine active noise cancellation, and sonic boom generators, along with critical listening mastering studios and high-end home theaters. Now Danley's work is improving sound in houses of worship, one demo at a time.
  • Danley Sound Labs was founded on the belief that Tom's speaker designs had to be heard, not just seen on a spec sheet. Company president Mike Hedden adhered to that notion when he invited Scott Steffan, president of consultant firm SVL Solutions, down to Georgia for a demo at the manufacturer's headquarters.
  • As it turns out, SVL and Danley Sound Labs are birds of a feather. In business for almost two years, SVL was founded upon the principle that prospective clients would "test drive" a sound system before they committed to it. In order to make that model work, Steffan was looking for a lightweight loudspeaker with good pattern control. Furthermore, "it couldn't be tri- or quad-amped," Steffan said. "Requiring that many amplifiers is a killer on cost."

Danley's Mike Hedden
Hedden's demo of Danley product was a turning point. "When I got there, Mike hooked up the Danley SH-50 next to four other major manufacturers' loudspeakers, all in the same class," Steffan said. "None of them were equalized. The Danleys smoked them all. I rationalized myself out of believing I had heard what I had heard-after all, I was in a strange room. But after lunch, I was convinced."

Danley's Scott Steffan
SVL Solutions has a busy future: 12 tentatively scheduled Danley demos are planned for the coming year.

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