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EYE USA Votes For PSA Signage

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EYE USA has taken part in a new OAAAsponsored public service campaign. The “VS/US” campaign has been intended to unite the country after a divisive presidential campaign.

The ads have been run exclusively on digital networks across the

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The “VS/US” campaign has been run exclusively on digital signage networks. United States by OAAA members. The campaign highlights the shift in national sentiment from concentrating on divided parties to focusing on a unified country under one newly elected leader.

TAXI Inc. designed the VS/US campaign pro bono. The creative team included TAXI New York chairman and chief creative officer Paul Lavoie, executive director Ron Smrzcek and creative director Jason McCann.

“Out-of-Home is a powerful medium, even more so with the advent of digital technology,” said Lavoie. “Yet it is underappreciated. This campaign succeeds on two levels — by influencing the public with a positive message and by illustrating Out-of-Home’s capacity as a leading, national medium.”

“EYE jumped at the chance to take part in this extraordinary campaign, which points to a reunited country, after a lengthy presidential campaign,” stated EYE USA’s vice president of marketing Michelle Schiano. “We are thrilled to be a part of spreading this important message.”

The EYE portfolio in the USA encompasses over 3500 panels in over 250 shopping malls across the country, with more than half the portfolio sitting in the top 30 DMAs. EYE’s digital network includes nine malls across the country and consists of 69 digital units.

For more information on EYE USA products/services, visit www.eyecorp.com.


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