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DT Research WebDT Signage System

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DT Research, Inc. announced October 1st the immediate availability of the WebDT™ Signage System – an all-in-one, industrial-grade system that illustrates the convergence between digital signs and kiosks. The WebDT Signage system offers 37-inch and 47-inch flat panel displays with optional infrared touch-screens that can be activated over eight independent zones or over the entire display. Businesses can now use one computerized system to display dynamic content, execute self-service applications, run interactive educational programs or operate a combination simultaneously.

“As more companies rely on digital signs, the demand for a more flexible and comprehensive solution is evident,” said Dr. Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. “Most existing systems are limited to a single purpose – either functioning as a digital sign or kiosk. We recognize the need for a multi-use solution that can simultaneously deliver a broad range of electronic display content and applications. Businesses also need an industrial-grade system that is simple to deploy, upgrade and manage. We leveraged our decade of experience in industrial mobile solutions to develop a fully integrated hardware and software digital sign system with a flexible, modular design that meets the requirements of large and small commercial deployments.”

The WebDT Signage System is a comprehensive solution consisting of a display-integrated media player with remote management software for device and content administration. The design of the computing display provides the aesthetics and durability necessary for commercial use, while offering the ability to access the media player independently of the display. This unique design eliminates any concerns over compatibility of separate components, enables cost-effective upgrades, and allows hardware flexibility in scale and service.

This comprehensive approach also makes deployment efficient and significantly simplifies content and device management. Casinos, corporations, government agencies, hotels/resorts, retail stores, restaurants, schools/universities and transportation facilities can purchase an interactive system that offers the benefits of both digital signs and kiosks.

The WebDT Signage System includes the following components:

WebDT Display-integrated Media Player – The DS3700 and DS4700 models offer all-in-one 37-inch and 47-inch LCD-integrated computing displays, which run the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system with x86 processors. A wide variety of media types can be displayed.

WebDT Content Manager – A web browser-based application manages content scheduling and distribution, including device grouping, playlist creation, multi-zone preset and customizable templates, ticker feeds, reporting, auto-recovery and general system administrator functions.

WebDT Device Manager - All computing displays can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location that has network/Internet access, ensuring optimal uptime and issue resolution.

For more information, visit www.signage.dtri.com


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