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3M Touch Systems Showcases MicroTouch at KioskCom

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3M Touch Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M and a manufacturer of touch technology, is showcasing its line of MicroTouch products April 16 – 17 at the 2008 KioskCom/Self-Service Expo (booth #312) at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Featured products include MicroTouch Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) touch screens, MicroTouch CT 150 LCD enclosure monitors, and MicroTouch ClearTek II capacitive touch screens.

MicroTouch DST touch screens offer display integrators an ideal solution for large-format interactive applications, from 32- to 46-inch screen sizes, that require fast, accurate, reliable touch response. DST recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves within the glass substrate created by the contact of a finger or stylus on the glass. Since bending waves are unaffected by on-screen contaminants and moderate surface damage, DST touch screens work reliably for most public environments and applications, such as interactive digital signage, public way finders, point-of-information stations, corporate directories, retail product selectors, as well as conference room and education presentation systems. Further unique features of MicroTouch DST include operation unaffected by surface contaminants and “dynamic touch,” which ignores static objects on the screen and allows for multi-user touch capabilities.

MicroTouch CT150 monitors are designed for easy integration into kiosks, industrial enclosures and other installations where compact, touch-integrated displays are desired. Available in three bezel options to ensure maximum design flexibility, MicroTouch CT150 monitors feature an innovative design to provide a variety of mounting options and are equipped with a remote OSD module to simplify display adjustments. The LCD display module encompasses the ability to print-color match, making it an ideal option for use in photo kiosk applications. MicroTouch CT150 monitors use proven MicroTouch ClearTek II capacitive touch technology and MicroTouch EX II electronics, and are equipped to fully comply with European Union RoHS standards.

MicroTouch ClearTek II Capacitive touch screens are designed to optimize system performance and provide a wear resistance up to fives times more durable than other capacitive touch screens. ClearTek II capacitive technology is sealable, easy to integrate, and easy to clean. Additionally, the ClearTek II offers a superior optical quality of 91.5 percent light transmission, the highest capacitive touch screen light transmission in the industry today. ClearTek II meets RoHS environmental compliance requirements, and is IP66 and NEMA4 rated to withstand dust and moisture. ClearTek II touch screens are ideal for a number of applications, including point-of-sale, casino gaming, entertainment, self-service kiosks and automatic teller machines (ATMs).

For more information: www.DSTtouch.comor www.3M.com/touch.


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Matrox and 3M Collaborate for Interactive Multi-Touch Solutions

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Matrox and 3M Collaborate to Deliver Interactive Multi-Touch, Multi-Display Solutions

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