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NanoLumens Unveils Flexible LED Displays at CETW

NanoLumens Unveils Flexible LED Displays at CETW

by Chuck Ansbacher and Lindsey Adler

Will Amos, sales director for NanoLumens, demonstrates the NanoFlex display.

New York, NY--“You can drop this thing in the bottom of a pool and it will still run.”

That was Rick Cope, president and CEO of Norcross, GA-based NanoLumens, touting one the many features of the indoor and outdoor NanoFlex displays unveiled at Wednesday’s Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) show at the Javits Center in New York, NY. NanoFlex, along with NanoSlim, NanoWrap, and NanoShape, make up the commercial line of LED displays that NanoLumens officially rolled out for the first time at the show.

The introduction of this family of displays is a big leap forward for NanoLumens, which, prior to CETW, offered just one flexible display product. The company’s goal is to turn any surface into a powerful communications platform while eliminating virtually all of the weight, installation, energy, and cost efficiency issues associated with traditional large format digital displays. Cope expects these products to effectively push down the traditional prices of large LED displays, citing the cost as “a big breakthrough” NanoFlex offers the market.

First introduced in 2010, NanoFlex and the new NanoWrap conform to fit any surface; they are thin, lightweight, energy efficient, and can be mounted easily, taking up less space on installation than other LED displays, Cope said. Additionally, these displays are completely sealed and require no ventilation. “Our Flex technology can now be assembled to satisfy any shape and size requirements, so any location can now become a dynamic and dramatic video display,” Cope said in a press release. “At the same time, our new line of NanoSlim and NanoShape non-flexible displays, available in 6 millimeter, 5 millimeter, and 4 millimeter pixel pitches, will offer customers a more cost-effective alternative when flexibility is not a requirement.”

  • NanoLumens displays feature a seamless, edge-to-edge picture quality that can be viewed from any angle or any distance without color shift or picture drop-off.In addition to being ultra-lightweight and energy efficient, NanoLumens displays feature a seamless, edge-to-edge picture quality (up 5,000 nits brightness) that can be viewed from any angle or any distance without color shift or picture drop-off. The displays consume less energy per square foot than conventional digital displays, and they are capable of running 24/7 with five years’ run time. They run on 112 volts, so they can plug into a standard power outlet. Further driving home NanoLumens’ commitment to eco-friendly technology, the displays are composed of up to 50 percent reclaimed materials and are completely recyclable.
  • Upon close inspection, NanoLumens’ LEDs are not as recessed as competing products, allowing them to curve without resulting in a shadowing effect. They feature CRT (cathode ray tube) technology universally used in televisions preceding LCD and plasma displays’ ascendance in the market. The patented technology unique to NanoLumens mostly rests in the structures that hold the LEDs: the continuous bend line or single bend plane, which enable pixel pitch uniformity, so the pixels don’t get further apart when stretched in a nonlinear shape.
  • Designed and assembled entirely in the United States, NanoLumens displays are now available in both flexible and non-flexible frames in four product lines: NanoFlex and NanoWrap flexible displays; NanoSlim non-flexible rectangular displays; and NanoShape non-flexible round, square, and triangular displays.
  • Cope said the appeal in offering the displays in “unusual” sizes and shapes is to appeal to the dramatic effect they can have on viewers. He said, “It’s a completely different animal that causes people to stop and stare.”

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