MultiTouch Partners with Inhance Digital at Exhibitor 2013 -

MultiTouch Partners with Inhance Digital at Exhibitor 2013

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MultiTouch has partnered with Inhance Digital to demonstrate its new touch display products and applications at Exhibitor 2013, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas at booth #1045. Inhance Digital will utilize MultiTouch’s MultiTaction 55” Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) LCD displays to provide an interactive installation at Exhibitor 2013.

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The 55” Ultra-Thin Bezel display provides a near seamless multi-display interactive installation for Inhance Digital, with a 1.9mm bezel in the bottom and left side of the cell, and a 3.8mm bezel on the top and right side, the result is the smallest possible intrusion to the visible surface area, with an average mullion of only 5.7mm from pixel to pixel. Inhance Digital will be using the UTB displays for a complete interactive application designed for this event. This installation is designed to show the versatility of the UTB to support high-quality visual imagery.

MultiTouch’s UTB displays utilize its patented optical imaging technology, Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS), which has optical touch sensors integrated into the proprietary LCD backlight modules. MultiTaction cells provide advanced touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities; they can accommodate an unlimited number of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition.

The UTB is used for public installations in corporate, retail, education, museum and exhibitor spaces. With advanced interaction features and ultra-fast 200 fps tracking, MultiTaction cells enable the development of engaging interactive user experiences. Full networking capabilities allow for cloud applications and social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.

“The technology for multi-touch displays is evolving and the demand for interactive displays is increasing in a variety of industries,” said Timo Korpela, general manager of MultiTouch Americas. “Our 55” Ultra-Thin Bezel LCD display takes user interaction beyond its current state and not only improves the user experience but expands the content and applications that run on interactive displays. With unlimited touch points, MultiTouch’s displays expand the opportunities in education, allow for enhanced product exposure in retail, and provides visually-stimulating content for museums and exhibitions. The possibilities are endless.”


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CyberTouch 4K MultiTouch Monitors

CyberTouch released a line of 4K multitouch monitors – the Rio 4K Series. The Rio 4K line of multitouch monitors offer high-definition resolution of 3840 x 2160. Allowing up to 32 simultaneous inputs using advanced IR technology, Rio 4K offers a smooth interactive canvas with absolutely no ghosting or blind spots. Rio 4K is currently offered in diagonal sizes of 32”, 55”, 65”, and 84”